Periid weight????

I started 40 days ago....have only went over calories twice and didn't know the 400 a day less I started with was not the best way...I walk 3-5 miles a day ..anyway went to 270 in a month slow I thoughy it's ok it's good but it's been almost 2 weeks and I go from 270 to 274/275 in a cple days ...yes my period is due in a few days coulstthis be it??? What am I doing to not start my next 10 pound goal HELP I'M GETTING SO DISCOURAGED


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    We can gain up to 5lbs during our TOM, it's water /hormonal and temporary although for me that gain lasts 7 days.
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    I'm freaking out...feels like I'm defeated.....the first ten motivated me I'm trying ten pounds in about 35 sets....I have a wedding of a daughter in law and have no pics with my husband and I figured that would motivate me and watching it go and feeling better every time I walk would keep it off....I have depression so Lil goals excited me ...ty for the info
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    Ty.....oh yeah my goal is 198or below I'm currently 270 something depends on the day I learned so about 80/85 pounds so any advise helps
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    Yes I did it last week. Weight went up 4 pounds. Couple days into my period I was back down 4. It's all water
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    I always gain weight & water weight during my period. It's so fustrating.
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    Here is my weight for the past 35 days. Look at the blue dots. Perfectly normal for it to go up every month. Don't worry and keep working. You will see pay off soon if you are eating at a deficit. xwfhgt8kz3zz.jpeg
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    Ty u says 1720 calories like today it went to 1880 I usually never go over but after excerise walking mostly I still had 668 am I doing anything right??!
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    I dont even get on the scale during that "time" its too disheartening... but if you stick with it youll see a nice decrease afterwards
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    Hang in there!! You are not alone!!