"I started weight training and gained 5lb..."

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An old friend visiting from out of town told a story last night that sounds similar to one often seen on these boards, with an added twist of having actually had blood work done.

She gained 5lb abdominal bloat that persisted 2 months after starting work with a trainer. She strongly believes it was not muscular water retention (abdominal bloat vs. muscles worked). Asked if her appetite increased, she said everything else stayed the same. (She stays lean without logging or measuring intake, so an unnoticed appetite increase is possible). After 2 months, her osteopath suspected, and blood tests confirmed, a slight hormone imbalance, wherein her body responded to the new exertion with an increase in one without enough of another. She doesn't remember the hormones involved but was proscribed a thyroid support supplement and progesterone cream. Generally, I question whether supplements (1) contain what they claim, or (2) have any effect. The progesterone cream, however, I do believe could have an effect. (I know I feel a big difference when my progesterone is highest following follicle rupture vs. when it is lowest.)

My first thought was woo or unnoticed appetite increase, but I started to wonder if the malady we see so often on the boards could have a subtle but real endocrine basis. Can anyone fill in the blanks or offer a more complete explanation?


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    There are a number of hormonal imbalance issues that can cause shifts in weight and water retention.

    Sounds like she was diagnosed with Estrogen Dominance. The cream is to bring it back into balance.

    This condition typically appears later in life, with the natural changes from female aging, and menopause.

    It has been clinically proven that high intensity exercise can impact the normal female fertility cycle, and is one cause of a condition called Amenorrhea in female athletes. Your body is "tricked" into thinking ( and thus reacting ) as if it is post menopausal ( light or no periods, more weight gain/retention ).
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    I think I have a hormonal imbalance. I started a rigorous exercise and diet back in Jan. I used to lose weight really easily when I was younger. I have only dropped one dress size since January and I've never exercised so hard in my life and my diet is great. I had my thyroid checked and it was borderline hypo. I woke up the other day and my hair was frizzy and brittle and I've never had frizzy hair in my life. I'm thinking about going to a doctor that will dig a little deeper.