Is drinking 3 pints of water a day enough to stay hydrated?

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I know MyFitnessPal recommends 8 cups of water a day (4 pints), but I still feel hydrated and have enough energy to get through the day drinking 3 pints of water on average. I was wondering if it is possible I am still dehydrated and just don't know it, and am curious if anyone else drinks the same amount as me.


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    You're fine
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    That recommendation is generic, requirements would vary based on size, activity level, etc.
    Additionally, there are other sources of hydration that you can and should count twords your daily goal. Soups/broths, juices, high water concentration fruits and vegetables ( think melon, tomato, etc ), as well as dozens of other sources have enough liquid content to add to hydration levels.

    Simple check to determine if your in the right ballpark when it comes to hydration ... look in the bowl when your done. If its the color of butter or lighter, your getting enough. If its darker, increase your intake.