Setting goals is not straightforward, advice?

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So, I've been on the current train for two months or so, lost the easy 20 lbs, muscle memory has kicked in, and lifting starts to show.

I'm experienced enough to keep myself engaged in the weight room, but I've never really dealt with body composition goals.

Life has tended to get in the way before I've managed to go down below, let's say 18% bf. At my frame, and with sports, that's been good enough to keep relevant girls happy, and random fatso comments at bay.

This time life seems to have given me a longer stretch of road to go for some more drastic goals.

I would estimate that I'm no more than 25 % BF at about 235 right now. Could be more, doubt it's less.

Workouts three times a week. Heavy compounds, throw in some swimming now and then. Work is either fully sedentary, or quite physical, depends on the day. I can eat at deficit day in and out. Still tweaking a bit. Weights tell me when to eat more.

I think ultimately I want to weigh 198.416 lbs at 12 % BF. I think that puts me close to what I can build lean mass relatively easily.

I fear I have no idea how long term a goal it is. Want to split it up, and there WILL be a percentage before that when my body is going to tell me "Enough of this *kitten*, where's the Ben and Jerry"; I like to be... round.

Any -experienced- insight in how to split things up into manageable chunks to avoid disappointment?

40, 6'2", bottom heavy xlarge frame, tends towards fat, responds well to keto.

LBM is not a priority this time round. On linear now, when I proper stall, and can't tweak the nutrition to gain, I'll just switch to maintenance.