How to spike my ground beef?

jonthemusse Posts: 106 Member
About the only messy ingderient in my regime is the occasional satchel of tex mex goodness that I throw in with the pound of meat.

It's all sugar and salt and sodium glutamate.

I have a problem with the sugar. I've been trying to recreate the artificial taste before, but failed miserably.

Is there a recipe for a low carb faximile floating around somewhere in here?


  • overw8gosk8
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    I can tell you what I put in mine :) Basil, Thyme, (1tsp ea.) a little bit of ginger, chili powder, cumin, garlic (1 Tbsp ea.) and a pinch of sea salt. Mix in a medium minced onion and add a tbsp. Worcestershire. Perfect tex mex taco meat.
  • jonthemusse
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    short, sweet and to the point :) Worchester is on the shopping list now.
  • ljashley1952
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    I sometimes just mix in part of a jar of organic salsa. You can make your own with fresh tomatoes, spices, peppers, onions...etc. The end result is no preservatives, no or little salt or sugar, but great taste.
  • jonthemusse
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    Organic. Home made. Fresh ingredients. Been there. It's good, but meh as an alternative to the processed taste I'm after.
  • dklibert
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    Here is a taco seasoning recipe without sugar. It is spicy so adjust the red pepper flakes to taste.

  • 3dogsrunning
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    I like this stuff. Yes it is from a vegetarian site. I hope they don't mind I use it often on meat.
  • jonthemusse
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    I'll try all these and report back. Flavor enhancers will be added.
  • zalmann919
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    Here's a Mexican spice blend I came across from Blue Apron: equal parts of Garlic Powder, Ground Cumin, Ancho Chili Powder, Sweet Paprika, and Whole (dried) Mexican Oregano. Ole!