Recipes On A Budget

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I need healthy recipes when I haven't had the chance to go shopping yet. Help me!! I need to eat and not starve.


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    If you haven't had the chance to shop yet we need to know what you have to work with.
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    Beans, rice and whatever's in the fridge or pantry. Whatever you come up will be very similar to a common meal in some culture or other.
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    quinoa is good to have on hand - throw some sautéed veggies in
    steel cut oats with fruit / trail mix
    keep chili frozen in the freezer

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    I need healthy recipes when I haven't had the chance to go shopping yet. Help me!! I need to eat and not starve.

    What food do you have on hand? It would be super helpful to know that if you want recipe suggestions.
    If you are at the point of starving you should eat whatever you can instead of worrying about how healthy it is.
    You need calories to stay alive. To function well try to get enough protein, fats, vegetables or fruits. If you don't have meat do you have eggs, beans, peanut butter, lentils, milk? Potatoes are nutritious and filling. Do you have oatmeal?
    Do you have flour? You could make pancakes, tortillas, pizza crust.
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    Something I made tonight that was pretty cheap and tasty- spinach, tomato and white bean pasta. Saute garlic and red pepper flakes in a little olive oil until fragrant. Throw in half a bag of fresh baby spinach, cook until slightly wilted. Stir in a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes with juices and a can of rinsed white beans. Toss with hot cooked pasta and enough pasta water to make it coat the noodles. I served this with grilled marinated chicken drumsticks but you could have a larger serving as a meal on its own. Might be good with a can of Italian tuna too!
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    Thanks for the link OneHundred. I doubt the original poster of this thread falls into the category, but many people in the US need information on how to eat well, inexpensively. Most forums, including MFP, just don't reach them. In truth, our interests trend more to PB2 type products and, "would you hook up with the poster above."
    I'll try to contribute my modest knowledge on the subject regularly to the forum you linked to, and I hope other of us do also.
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    I think the most important thing for people on a serious budget to learn is buying in bulk. That alone has helped me tremendously in the past. Spend $30 on ground beef if it's on sale at such a deep discount that it'll last 3 months. Buy eggs at Costco - 5 dozen for like $6 - et cetera.
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    Good advice OneHundred. Whole grains and legumes are staples that can be stockpiled for when $s and transportation are unavailable. Powdered milk is not necessarily less expensive than regular milk but it can be used when you can't get fresh. Anyway, there are tons of stuff that would be helpful to some but of no interest to the quinoa crowd, bless their hearts.
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    MlleKelly Posts: 356 Member, yo. It's the BEST. All of the recipes are so simple, so tasty, so EASY, so DELICOUS, so cheap...

    I make at least 2 recipes a week from this website, and I have for about 3 years now. It's fantastic. Do it.
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    I hope the op doesn't think I've hijacked her thread but, MikeKelly, I really like that BudgetBytes link. I've never seen the cost per ingredient itemized like that before. Is the author kin?