Lunch Ideas

cgoedert92 Posts: 29 Member
I need help with lunch ideas that aren't frozen meals. I am beyond tired of them and I know that they aren't they best for you. Please share Ideas that won't take a long time to prep.



  • ifyouonlyknew1492
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    What type of foods to do you like? I love chicken and it's versatile. You could cook up chicken breasts/tenderloins and put them in a salad, throw them in cooked veggies (love steamable veggies), put in pasta salad, make chx salad, or put in a wrap, etc.
    I would also cook a salmon filet and reheat at work with some veggies or put in a salad.
    You could cook some ground beef and have fixings for tacos with or without the tortillas. Just reheat the meat.
  • kommodevaran
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    Vague questions -> vague answers. Combine one item, any item, from each of these groups: 1) protein 2) carb 3) vegetable. And voila, you have a meal.
  • goldengirl111
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    cheese and thin salami--Daniel's To Go brand
    unsalted crackers
    boiled egg
    watermelon chunks
    cheese sticks
    pre made store bought salads
    cooked chicken legs
    baby carrots
    or other vegetables liked steamed broccoli
    5 oz greek yogurt with fruit
    peanut butter on crackers
    half of an apple

    Any combination of the above will be a good lunch.
  • arditarose
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    I take an entire box of lettuce to work, dump some tuna on it with hot sauce, maybe a wedge of laughing cow cheese or nutritional yeast and some yellow peppers and a little avocado. Nothing fancy. Fuel and go.
  • TDG2015
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    Try this. Prep it on a Sunday and portion into 3 lunches for Mon, Tues, Wed. Great meal and dynamite for meeting nutritional goals.
    Quinoa, Chiken, Kale and Pumpkin salad
    2 cup cooked (92 g), Boiled Chicken Breast
    1.50 Cup, Quinoa, Cooked - 1 Cup
    1 cup 1" pieces, loosely packed, Kale, raw
    1 large, Onions, raw
    2 cup, cubes, Squash, winter, butternut, cooked, baked, without salt
    16 OZ CAN CHICKPEAS, 16 oz Can Chickpeas
    900 grams (1 cup 140 g), Dark Sweet Cherries Pitted
  • dlkfox
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    - Whatever you make for supper, make an extra serving to warm up at lunch the next day.
    - Bagged salad is easy and healthy. Add cherry tomatoes, sliced almonds, and vinaigrette for a low cal lunch.
    - Bake a potato in your microwave at work. Fresh and fast. Goes with anything.
    - Grill or poach extra chicken and use for lots of things: large piece and paired with a baked potato; shredded with BBQ sauce on a tortilla, pita, or bun; chopped to top a salad; chopped for chicken salad; shredded and spiced for tacos
    - Microwaved quesadilla
    - Egg salad or tuna salad to put in a pita