I am eating pretty

That might sound so silly, but I really did. Yesterday and today I ate pretty - I haven't done that in a very long time. My husband is working late this week, so I was alone at home. Normally I grab a plate (or two) and eat in front of the TV or in front of the computer.

What a bad habit it had become. I ate without awareness for so long; I focused on everything else besides my plate.

How easy it is to shovel down the portions without looking at it.

I planned my day very careful today. I just got rid of a cold and I was hungry and very eager to make the first entries in my food journal. I had lived on crackers and chicken noodle soup for a few days; I was ready for some solid food.

I set the table nicely just for myself. A linen placemat, a candle in the middle of the table and I even used a crystal glass for of my water. Then I sat down and ate. No TV, no computer, just a little bit of background music.

It didn't make me feel lonely, it made me feel good. I always set the table nice when we have company, but never really for us and for sure, not for just me. Why not? Am I not worth it?
I felt like I was dining in a restaurant, just the waiter was missing. I ate slower like I normally do and my mind started to wander off.

I thought about all my bad habits. I often eat in kitchen, don't even bother sitting down. I get takeout food and I start eating it in the car already.

I think the way I eat is really a reflection of many other aspects of my life.

I am always in a hurry; I use food as an escape from everyday life. Maybe I need to rethink it all right from the start and it is not just about what I eat,but also about how I eat and when.
I need to break free from my bad habits. I liked my “pretty” dinners.

I don't really now where to post that, just thought I might share that with others.


  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 29,594 Member
    Seems like a great idea: More mindful eating, with more non-eating sensory pleasures around it, seems like a good strategy for enjoying food more. Nice!
  • Tubbs216
    Tubbs216 Posts: 6,597 Member
    I love this! Good for you.
    I'm also guilty of thoughtlessly scoffing in the car. Yesterday I had McDonald's for lunch (within cals - all good) but literally ate it in the car next to a garbage bin so I could easily dispose of the leftover fries I knew I wouldn't be eating. I don't think that's mindful or particularly healthy thinking.