What are your most favorite you-tube 5-10 minute workouts?

I've used fitness blender and I've only seen a few 10 min ones unless I'm doing something wrong. Also, the person who is talking and counting down seems like a robot and it is annoying while I'm exercising. I've used Tone it Up and like that one as well as Popsugar but the girl on there was also talking non stop which for some reason can get under my skin when my heart rate is up, lol! I do like direction but sometimes it's can be overkill. Any suggestions? Thanks!


  • neela1880
    neela1880 Posts: 56 Member
    Jessicasmithtv has some good 10 minutes workout that gets your heart rate high
  • rkaegeecee
    rkaegeecee Posts: 13 Member
    If you like dancing while working out a sweat, you should check out "The Fitness Marshall"
  • Losewtforlife4him
    Losewtforlife4him Posts: 422 Member
    Thanks! I will try both of these.