Low Carb snacks a meals

Does anyone have any good meals or snacks that are low in carb... I waist most of mine in the morning with my oatmeal :/


  • JeromeBarry1
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    If you can take bunches of sodium, jerky is good. If you don't mind almonds, they're good. That's just snacks off the top of my head. Find the group of low-carb folks here and join it. You'll get tons of great help there.
  • MissLezlieRoo
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    Hardboiled Eggs
  • mssouders
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    Check out Vermont Smoke & Cure Turkey Sticks (Turkey Ancho and Turkey Pepperoni). I found them in the Organic Isle of my local grocery store (can be bought directly from their website too)and they are one of the healthiest snacks I can find. 70 Cal (3g Fat, 1g Carb, 10g Protein) - not sure if this fits the bill for you but they are awesome in a bind or if you are craving food but don't want to eat garbage. * Note - no affiliation to the company just dig the product.
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    I'm a big fan of:
    - Perky Jerky (the turkey flavors especially)
    - Crab salad (gotta be careful of the sodium though) on cucumbers
    - Combat Protein bars
    - Hardboiled eggs (mentioned above)