Fitbit users

Ramlupa Posts: 111 Member
I am planning on purchasing one to track my sleep has anyone done this and what do you think of it. For me it's a big expense so please be honest :) Thanks


  • wizzybeth
    wizzybeth Posts: 3,573 Member
    I don't know about the fancier versions but I found nothing particularly interesting or helpful with the sleep tracking on the fitbit one.
  • tim201200
    tim201200 Posts: 146 Member
    I have the Charge HR. The sleep tracking is ok. Only problem is that it just detects motion so if you lie awake motionless it thinks you are asleep. I love the FitBit and it has helped me but sleep track is not its best function.
  • EleanorElla24
    EleanorElla24 Posts: 37 Member
    I had the Flex and brought it back, I got the Blaze and fell in love.
  • domisgone
    domisgone Posts: 59 Member
    I have the charge hr... Love it!
  • MichaelGlenday1
    MichaelGlenday1 Posts: 17 Member
    Domisgone, I have a Fitbit charge hr and it seems not to hold much of its charge. If you can help me by finding me on MFP and answer my question that will be great or send me an email to with what I can do to make it last longer.