I think I can - I think I can

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I carry 100 extra pounds with me everywhere I go, it’s like I carry a 10 or 12- year old on my back at all times. I am only 52 years old, but I walk like an old woman.

The extra weight is weighing me down. I can feel it in my bones, my knees hurt and my ankles are swollen. I am so quickly out of breath and I have to take breaks, even when I just walk upstairs.
I hate that more than anything; I don’t want to be that woman. I haven’t been out on a long walk in years; I am afraid I won’t make it. I need to get my stamina up and my energy, it’s not going to be an easy task.

“Buy you a Fitbit,” that’s what many here recommended and they meant well. I wish I could, but money is tight right now and will be for a few more months. I wish for an elliptic rider or a treadmill and I will find one sooner or later, but that too is an extra expense and it’s just not in the cards right now.

I decided not to save money on food. Healthier food is more expensive, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are better for me – for us. Our health is worth it.

Yesterday, I thought about a workout routine that I could afford and most importantly an exercise routine, that I can do.

I looked at our stairway, looked at the 12 steps that I hate. They are steep and I avoid going up and down too often. Just the bedrooms are upstairs, the rest of our life happens downstairs.
If I go up and down 10 times a day, that would be 120 steps up to an imaginary 10th floor and 120 steps down.

I didn't think about it long. I started walking up the stairs, held on to the railing. I did it 3 times without a break; I started huffing and puffing like a steam locomotive.
I walked up 2 more times; it was halftime, “only” 60 more to go. I started sweating and felt really warm. I took a short break to catch my breath and then I walked up and down 2 more times.
My knees were shaking and I felt like fainting, I had to sit down. I went into the living room and plopped into my chair.

I didn’t reach my goal, I couldn’t do it10 times, I only reached the imaginary 7th floor.
But to be honest, that is much more than I thought I could do. I was still breathing hard and the story about the engine that tried to go uphill came to my mind.

“I think I can – I think I can.”

It's a start, ultimately walking outside is my goal. I wrote this yesterday on my blog, but thought I share it here in case others have the same problem.


  • PaytraB
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    You did great!!!

    I know you can --- I know you can!!!!

    You will reach your goals. Great start today!
  • ElizabethNaqvi
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    Fantastic!! Main thing is you're moving. You could also just try walking around the perimeter of your yard, or checking out some loungeroom exercise routines on Youtube to help. Just be persistent and keep going. You can do it!
    PS. I started with the same thought about the little red engine and it has worked so far!
  • 1Nana2many
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    I agree with PaytraB, you CAN DO THIS. For under $15.00 you can buy a food scale. It will be a big help in teaching you what a serving size REALLY is. I am 59 years old and started in January at 244.7 pounds, after logging every bite very day since then, I have lost 43 + pounds. Don't kill yourself, just make a point of moving a little more each day and stay within your calories. It really is about eating fewer calories then your body burns so it will burn your excess. I personally was eating too much bread and too much pasta and I have cut way back on that but I still eat foods I love every day, but I eat within my 1200 calories every single day. Your stomach will get used to eating less within about three weeks. If you feel hungry before meal time, wait 30 minutes and drink some water, if you're still hungry, have a little snack. Log it. The more you log, the easier it gets. There are free exercise videos on YouTube.com look for exercises for people with bad knees. You don't have to spend a lot of money, many people started out just walking and had great success because they logged their food and just kept going day after day. You are worth the effort!! Start every day as a new day!
  • ElizabethOakes2
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    WOOOO!!!! YOU GO!
    Congrats on taking on the stairs and on taking these steps to a healthier you! Your post made me wanna cheer!
  • amyn73
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    That is AWESOME!! Good for you. I wish you the best of luck on this weight loss journey. Sounds like you'll do great!
  • Truth336
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    I just rejoined today. Your story is very inspirational to me. I need some weight loss buddies too. I am 55 and have been over weight all me life pretty much. I had my stomach stapled in 93 and that worked for a while but some of the weight came back. I have 30 pounds to lose.
  • thehoss316
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    Anyone is welcome to add me. Always welcome new friends.
  • sayingyes2success
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    Set small goals for yourself. Say to yourself, how likely am I to complete that goal? If you are at less than an 8, set a smaller goal. It is better to set something you know you can complete so you don't feel discouraged if you fail. You don't need to spend the money to exercise, just move. Walking is so good for you. Drink water, watch your portion sizes. You CAN do this!