Entering water in the diary

lms2486 Posts: 7 Member
Is there a way to change how you enter water in the diary so you can enter the amount of ounces or mL instead of just 'cup'


  • jaygreen55
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    edited May 2016
    There are 236.6 ml or 8 OZ in a cup. the math is pretty basic
  • rhsdancer5
    rhsdancer5 Posts: 96 Member
    I didn't know what exactly they meant by a "cup" either! So I just didn't log water. But good to know!
  • treegirl97
    treegirl97 Posts: 70 Member
    Well I'm in Canada and a cup is 250 ml so while it's a small difference, the size of a cup can vary. I wish you could change the water units to mls as well.
  • km8907
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    Instead of using the water tracker, you can enter it into your food diary and look for the measurement you prefer.
  • AlisonH729
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  • RedMommatx
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    Issue I have is the container I use. 20 ounce container doesn't really translate easily to cups.