Teachers on Summer break...

Hey guys! I realize that I am one of the lucky few whose break has already started (don't hate, we go back at the end of July...), but I wanted to reach out and see how the rest of you maintain good habits during these few short weeks of respite.

I find that I can stay on track so much better when I have the schedule to follow every day, but without that rigidity in the summer...I flounder. It's HOT where I live, so unless I get up at 6am, going for a run is out of the question, and I don't have access to a pool. And since I don't HAVE to be up by 6am, why would I be?!?! (lol) And since I don't have children (at home or to worry about at work), my consumption of alcohol tends to go up.

What are some tips and tricks my teacher pals have for not just maintaining in the summer, but continuing the loss?

PS. For those of you still in school...good luck! The end is SO close!