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  • giantsizegeek
    I have it and I like it a lot. Since buying it I have made it a regular thing to weigh myself after I wake up. One strange thing -- my weight has gone down but my BMI is going up. Why is that? I am doing strength training in addition to cardio.

    The site that Skydaver mentioned is very interesting. Be interested to see what that says after a few weeks.
  • MrsKato1021
    MrsKato1021 Posts: 59 Member
    I have to ask, do you have to keep the aria in the same place? I am asking because I want to purchase one,but I won't be able to keep it in the same spot, it will be moved when I need to weigh myself, so I don't want to have to recalbirate everytime I move it. the only other option is my bedroom, but then it will be on carpet, not heavy carpet burbur , but still carpet. which I know will change the accuracy of the scale. thoughts please? you all are so helpful!
  • peterjasper
    peterjasper Posts: 41 Member
    Its not perfect, but overall its great for motivation and accountability.

    Issues I've found:
    -False manual readings sent to phone app and MFP, aswell as aria reading
    -Rounding up readings when it uploads to your phone app...really irritating.
    -Fat % readings all over the place

    I am never going to buy a normal scale again. Wifi scale from here on in.

    Overall I love it despite the issues.
  • Skydaver
    Skydaver Posts: 23 Member
    So, how are you liking Trendweight?

    The developer is very responsive; I noticed that the FitBit site showed a different weight (by 0.1 lbs) than trendweight. FitBit doesn't round properly. Trendweight showed me my page ( that had the actual reported values sent by the Aria (it reports in .0001 lbs!). His rounding is mathematically correct, FitBit's is not.

    It's only .01, so it really won't matter in the long run, esp. in maintenance, but it's weird that FitBit gets it wrong.
  • donjessop
    donjessop Posts: 186
    The Fitbit Aria uses Bioelectrical impedance analysis to determine body fat. This is affected by the water content of your body and will yield different results if your feet are dry or wet or whether or not you have recently had a lot of water to drink. The BF% can change minute to minute depending upon perspiration on your feet, the humidity in the air, etc. If you follow the identical pattern in weighing yourself (ex. right out of a shower with dried feet, early in the morning) then results can be more accurately compared to other days.

    However, while it is an interesting gauge, it should not be construed as being 100% accurate.
  • sway1080
    sway1080 Posts: 45 Member
    I realize this thread is old but wouldn't mind to hear more from people who own this.

    I bought one yesterday, set up was easy etc etc..stepped on the scale and the weight was around what I knew I was. Then it showed body fat percentage...I was like..okk..seemed a bit high but whatever..

    Weighed myself again this morning...Oh yay! I went down 1lb! but what..??? I gained 2 full % body fat.

    I immediately put it back into the box...

    I bought it mainly for the body fat % and if it's going to flucuate 2 % body fat overnight within 12 hours then it's obviously not reading my body properly because I know for sure I didn't gain that overnight.
  • johnthomasmoore
    johnthomasmoore Posts: 59 Member
    I love my Aria Scale. I would agree that the BF% is not accurate and is affected by hydration and other factors. All measurements are subject to variability; there is signal and noise. I look at the trends and am a fan of moving averages. It doesn't make sense to give too much importance to single readings. If you're looking at BF% I think you need at least a week, really more, of data to see a trend. I weigh everyday and have my Aria synced to Trendweight plots the data points and a moving average based on Hacker's diet calculations. I've got my tracking pretty much automated using MFP, Fitbit, Trendweight and Google Spreadsheets. Check out my blog for how I put it together:
  • jbpretty
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    sway1080, did you calibrate the scale? If you didn't then it is possible to get different readings. It's easy, just step on the scale (I do it 6 times) in a row until the reading you get is consistent. Also, the scale is not meant to be moved. It will need to be re-calibrated after moving it. I think that's all there is to it, at least that's what I remember. :)

    Oh, and "Trendweight" is a great site! It shows the bigger picture which I find awesome.
  • peterjasper
    peterjasper Posts: 41 Member
    Trendweight is amazing. great service. Highly recommended for fitbit aria scale users :drinker: :drinker:

    Excellent for cutting through the random fluctuations a persons weight goes through, to give overall trend.
  • smilesback
    smilesback Posts: 327 Member
    I didn't throw the Aria back into the box yet. I am weighing consistently now for about a week, and joined trendweight. Even though my weights are not going down, and even going up, the trend shows body fat loss. Do you all feel pretty confident that the body fat percentages are accurate over time?
  • Skydaver
    Skydaver Posts: 23 Member
    Don't worry, not even a little bit, about body fat via the scale. There really is only one accurate way to measure body fat, and it's really a nuisance.

    The scale based BF is affected by the dampness of your feet, and even the humidity in the air. Ignore it.

    The weight is important. Use the scale, and signup & link to your FitBit account. Watch your average weight.

    THAT is the important value.

    Here's my one year graph
  • fudge007
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    "Trendweight is amazing. great service. Highly recommended for fitbit aria scale users

    Excellent for cutting through the random fluctuations a persons weight goes through, to give overall trend."

    Just weigh yourself once a week, same day same time, too easy!!!
  • crystalboo938
    I bought the fitbit aria I thinking about taking it back because the scale I already have is more accurate than the fitbit. The fitbit is showing about about a pound in half more and my fat intake has increase more than over a few days. The only thing I like it syncs with my fitness pal but I am okay with writing my weight down on paper.
  • michikade
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    Old thread, but:

    I love my Aria, if only because it automatically syncs with both my Fitbit account and MFP. I don't worry so much about the body fat percentage but mine does seem at least somewhat realistic considering how I'm built (broader built chick here). I've also had my Aria for quite some time, so it is the scale from which I set my goals, whether it's calibrated the same as someone else's scale or not.

    I feel like it's more consistent than some of the cheaper scales I've owned in the past, and that's what matters most - consistency.
  • radmack
    radmack Posts: 272 Member
    I love my Aria. I feel that it keeps me honest about my weight since it syncs to MFP. I do leave it in the same spot every day.
  • hasteur
    Anybody know of a way to get the Aria Scale connection without bringing along the Fitbit Activity tracker? I much rather prefer the Garmin Activity tracker as opposed to using the Fitbit (I was on the fitbit kick, and then the bit broke)
  • WalkingAlong
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    Do you already have the scale? I don't think it expects you to have a Fitbit tracker. The instructions should tell you how to set it up, I think.
  • Followingsea
    Followingsea Posts: 407 Member

    You don't need a tracker for a Fitbit, just a Fitbit account.
  • hasteur
    I have the scale and I used to have a bit tracker.
    The problem is that I now use a vivosmart (by Garmin) and if I attach the fitbit scale tracker, it overwrites the garmin tracker data
  • Azexas
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    I have the fitbit Aria scale and I love it. I don't expect the BF% to be accurate. But I like how it automatically uploads on to the fitbit website (or app) and I can keep track of it all in one place.