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Will You Let it Eat You Alive?

wizzybethwizzybeth Posts: 3,532Member Member Posts: 3,532Member Member
Lots of threads spring up here about "toxins" in food. And they always go down a similar path. Always.

I have spent that last 15+ (give or take) years being on-again, off-again the "Food Fear" bandwagon. It led me to get rid of my microwave, to throw out hundreds of dollars of "processed chemical junk food" from my pantry, force my family to eat lesser tasting, more expensive, organic foods, spend almost $1000 on both a juicer and a bread machine so I could make my own concoctions and my own bread and we'd be oh so happy and healthy. I was going to basically exist on green smoothies and home made bread, and dammit my family was going to come along for the ride and LIKE it.

SIDE NOTE: Nobody in the family but me will drink the juices, and now I bake bread about 2x a year. (No I didn't need a bread machine, but because of the way I cook and bake, it seemed the smartest choice.) I haven't used the juicer in several months, possibly years, and only on occasion make a smoothie with my Ninja, which I also bought thanks to FOOD FEAR.

Eventually my budget would not allow me to continue down the 100% organic path, plus I was devastated to learn that organic on the label doesn't mean it's really, truly, 100% organic because nobody really checks up on it - we are at the mercy of the integrity of the company putting out the food.

I bought all kinds of books about backyard & container gardening, and envisioned how I was going to be a regular Earth Mama, and grow our own salads (regardless of the fact that our growing season here in my corner of the world is somewhat short. Not as short as say, Alaska, but not like SoCal or down South).

I was fraught with anxiety and stress over all the food fear crap. Yes, the BPA in canned food. Led me to get rid of almost all of my plastic containers and buy mason jars for food storage. Well that works for some things but not others. Sigh. Now I have a cupboard full of mason jars, which are not always convenient.

Food from China! Don't get me started - we have more to "worry about" there than just the dang cinnamon. They (chinese manufacturers) had shipped cough medicine to Central America that contained a commercial form of silicone rather than food quality silicone - it was essentially anti-freeze. Yup. Try finding food sources you can trust.

Monsanto! I swear I caused half of my FB friends to unfollow me because of my sharing links about how Monsanto is ruining our world. I still believe they are, but I honestly don't know what we can do about it.

This stuff will EAT YOU ALIVE if you let it. Fact is - we're all going to die. Cancer is like a lottery - you just never know if you're going to be picked to get it. A woman I know lived a very "healthy" and super strict lifestyle for years and years and YEARS - from starting sometime in the 70s, banning sugar from her home, never consuming alcohol, eating only "whole" and "healthy" foods - exercised daily, etc. She was not overweight, and she looked the absolute picture of health. Guess what? Cancer got her before she turned 55. She didn't just GET cancer, she DIED from it. And I suspect she refused traditional chemo treatments - not sure - but she seemed like the type to go against the grain of the "medical community" and their "plots" to "poison" people with their drugs. I do know she regularly visited an herbalist.

And she's still dead. Before her grandson's first birthday.

AGAIN...this stuff will eat you alive - you can obsess over it - and still die.

Or you can just accept that we live in an imperfect world and we're all gonna die anyway. Thousands of years ago it was pestilence and predators that were our enemies.

Our average life expectancy is more than it was 40 years ago. Something seems to be OK.


  • sashayoung72sashayoung72 Posts: 441Member Member Posts: 441Member Member
    Oh man, i've started down the rabbit hole too! LOL some things I just try not to think about, i buy from local farmers markets but hey, who knows what they did to my tomatoes!!! And I agree, cancer just roll the dice....
  • wizzybethwizzybeth Posts: 3,532Member Member Posts: 3,532Member Member
    zyxst wrote: »

    Oh my God. Thanks for the heebie jeebies!! lol
  • RosieRose7673RosieRose7673 Posts: 439Member Member Posts: 439Member Member
    Jruzer wrote: »
    Very well stated, OP. Great perspective from someone who has been there.

    The question shouldn't be "How do we live as long as possible?" or "How do I be as healthy as possible?"

    It should be "How do I live a good life?"

  • MissusMoonMissusMoon Posts: 1,911Member Member Posts: 1,911Member Member
    Bravo, OP. Bravo.
  • snickerscharliesnickerscharlie Posts: 8,481Member Member Posts: 8,481Member Member
    Nicely done, OP. <3
  • zoeysasha37zoeysasha37 Posts: 7,133Member Member Posts: 7,133Member Member
    You op are awesome! I wish more people would wake up and see the truth. Eat a well balanced wide variety diet and do your best, there is no need for the anti sugar anti carb fear mongering and it shows how feeble minded people really are. I'm glad you've saw the light OP!
  • luluincaluluinca Posts: 3,385Member Member Posts: 3,385Member Member
    There are "dangers" everywhere and we can choose to make ourselves miserable worrying about them or choose to live our lives to the best of our abilities and roll with the punches.

    I spent 10 years eating a vegan, macrobiotic, diet when I was in my 20's. Was it awesome..........sure, and it was very healthy. Could I sustain it once I was married and had 3 kids..............nope!

    Pick your battles!
  • mommarnursemommarnurse Posts: 515Member, Premium Member Posts: 515Member, Premium Member
    Lounmoun wrote: »
    I don't stress about food much beyond taste and cost. My mom, aunt and uncle died of cancer. Two received proper treatment for it but died anyway and one found out about the cancer and was dead the next week. People who ate the same are still around. You can do the right things and still get cancer and die.
    Don't label somebody a deluded nut by their diet/lifestyle though. People may have different reasons for their choices.
    I can't make my own bread regularly because it gets eaten way too fast. Loaf of bread from the store isn't expensive and lasts a week at least. Love my bread machine though.
    No microwave for years because the last two broke. Food tastes weird from the microwave anyway. Don't need it or want it anymore.
    I don't grow much food because I am lazy. I grow tomatoes because fresh picked tomatoes are amazing. Canned tomatoes are the only canned vegetables I buy though.
    I don't buy much organic food because it is more expensive. I appreciate that people are trying to use no pesticides and more environmentally friendly agriculture practices. I'd like to support that finacially but I can't. I don't think labeling a food organic, free range, grass fed is magically going to fix you if you eat it.
    I eat less beef because it is expensive. I eat beans and lentils because they are cheap.
    I grew up eating margarine because butter would kill us. I eat regular butter now because it tastes better and doesn't make things soggy. I'm going to die anyway. I might as well eat what I Iike.
    I avoid artifiacial sweeteners because I get migraines when I consume them. Real sugar doesn't cause me problems.
    I cook a lot because the food I make tastes better and costs less.
    Don't stress about it too much.

    Well, genetics always win over lifestyle, in the end.
  • Need2Exerc1seNeed2Exerc1se Posts: 13,589Member Member Posts: 13,589Member Member
    I do worry about a lot of the things in the OP. Not to the point of obsession and certainly not to the point of juicing (don't really understand how juicing would solve anything TBH).

    We self-source (grow, raise, fish, hunt) a good percentage of our food. Because I can somewhat control a decent percentage of our food I try not to worry too much about the food we buy. I say "too much" because I'd be lying if I said I didn't worry at all.

    I try to source my food as best I can for the same reason I exercise. I believe it gives me the best shot possible in these areas for health. But food and exercise aren't the be all end all for health. They are just pieces of the puzzle. Stress is just as important a piece so I don't allow myself to stress over food.
  • NorthCascadesNorthCascades Posts: 9,535Member Member Posts: 9,535Member Member
    Lounmoun wrote: »
    You can do the right things and still get cancer and die.

    That's why I don't wear a seat-belt anymore.

    Just kidding. I'd rather die of cancer when I'm 110 years old than something else at 45. I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that risks add up and I prefer not to take them when it's easy enough to avoid them instead. Now I've never been to the point that some people in here are describing, I have no problem buying non-organic raspberries.
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