Just had to tell you...have you had a moment like this?

So, Friday morning I get up and get ready for work. It's "dress down" so I decide to wear my beloved skinny fit jeans.

I've had these jeans for years, but over time, they have gradually got tighter and tighter until my round tummy was protruding over the top and they weren't very flattering.

So, anyway, I put these jeans on, hoping I could get away with wearing them and was pleasantly surprised to find that they actually slipped on comfortably, zipped and buttoned up with protest and I had movement room in them. Teamed with a pair of heels, I was so pleased to see the transformation in my body shape and realised that my legs didn't look so chunky either.

I'm only about a month in and a stone in weight down, but that was a massive confidence boost and a big motivator to see what else I owned that I could aim to get into. Still a long was to go, but not giving it!

Have any of you had one of these moments, and if so, how did you feel and what did it spur you on to do?


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    Awesome nsv !
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    I've been up and down in weight and of course I kick myself when I'm up and can't fit into some of my cute clothes. This go around on my fitness journey I decided to focus more on weight training and not the scale. I am not down to my 'original' smallest weight but with the recent heat wave I decided to pull out all of my warm weather wear and try it on... Everything was lose! Turns out I'm smaller than my 'original' smallest weight even though the scale says otherwise. It was such a pleasant surprise!!! But I'm not done yet and I can't wait to see where I am in a few month.
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    I'm down a couple of pants sizes, but the one that really impressed me was going in for an EKG a couple of weeks ago and the nurse saying she'd get me something to cover me up so I wouldn't get cold because I was so "skinny". These moments are indeed confidence boosters.
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    About 1 month or so ago, after losing over 40 lbs, I decided to try on the jeans that had been shoved to the bottom of my dresser drawer because they were always too small. They actually fit perfectly and I was so excited! That was the first time I had gone down a pant size since starting my weight loss efforts. When I didn't really feel like things were changing that much in how I felt or appearance-wise, it was a great morale booster!
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    I've had a ring in my jewelry drawer that my dad gave me when I was younger (like, 10 or 11 or so) My whole adult life, I've only been ever able to wear it on my pinky. After about two years in the jewelry box, I pulled it out the other day and figured I'd try it on my ring finger just for a laugh. Not only did it fit, but it's loose!
    I almost cried a little...
    I've had other moments along the way, but that was a major one.
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