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So here it is my 1st ever blog. On this I will be allowing you all to
Follow my progress. Was a personal trainer back home for 3 years then I Moved to Australia 10 months ago. Started back to bricklaying over here and ain't stepped in the gym much. I've got 5 months until I go back home to Ireland to visit my family for a few weeks. I left looking good but have put on around 20lbs since the. There's no way I'm gonna home a fatty. I will be posting my workout each day. Here goes nothing feel free to follow.


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    Day 1
    Joined fitness first Brisbane. Started off with a light chest and bicep session followed by some cardio to get me back into the swing of things. Everything will be upped as the weeks go on

    10 mins interval training
    30s sprint 30s jog

    Chest consisted off
    Incline press db 20kg 4x12
    Flat bench db flys 12.5kg 4x12
    Cable cross over 20kg e/s 4x12
    Incline machine press 14kg e/s 4x12
    Pec dec 40kg 4x12
    Decline db press 12kg 4x12

    Biceps consisted off
    Single arm db curls 10kg 4x12
    Single arm cable curls 15kg 4x12
    Ez bar 20kg 4x12

    That was it for today tbh it was pretty tough as my muscle indurance is no longer where it used to be and I struggled a lot but things can only improve.

    Checked weight and I was sitting at 94.5kg my goal is to sit around 82kg. It will be tough but worth it in the end
    I will be as honest as ever with you guys on this. So here is my current state. I will be posting every 2nd week.
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    Current state and the shape I used to be previous the move and change of lifestyle
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    Keep up the positive work and attitude! You got this!
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    Nice job!!!
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    Thanx il keep use posted throughout my journey