Is it bad to have so many calories left for the day?

Basically I tend to have about 900cals left for the day.... Should I eat more or?


  • KathyApplebaum
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    Depends on why you have so many left. If it's because you're exercising a lot and using MFPs exercise estimates, it may be a good thing, since those estimates tend to be way too large. Otherwise, you may not be getting all the nutrition you need, plus you may not be able to sustain this in the long term, setting yourself up for yoyoing.
  • sunnybeaches105
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    No. Bank them and focus on the week rather than the day. Eat them on a day when you get hungry, but don't go over your weekly goal and don't use it as an excuse to truly binge. If undereating was a consistent problem then you wouldn't be dieting.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    You can. MFP sets your calorie goal based on your weight loss goal. If your weight loss goal was already the aggressive 2lb per week choice, you should eat all the way up to your mfp calorie goal.

    My weight loss goal was the least aggressive 0.5 lb per week, and I've become ok with leaving large cals remaining on days I exercise. That worked out to a 3 lb per week loss for most of the past 5 months, which is CICO math through and through. My weight has fallen so much that now my average daily weight loss in the past 30 days is 20% less than it had been 3 months ago. My mfp calorie recommendation is approaching my consistent intake level.
  • CharlieBeansmomTracey
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    if you are doing this everyday then yes you should. if its not everyday, but you are still meeting your calorie goals for the week then you will be fine. netting under most of the time you wont get the nutrients your body needs.
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    900 calories is a lot to have left, in general. You don't want to eat a little more? Lots of delicious foods out there, and you'll still lose weight.

    What is with these wacky avatars btw.
  • Colt1835
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    It depends on what your goal deficit is to start with and what you weigh. If I set a goal for 1 pound of weight loss a week with no exercise, I can eat about 2000 calories a day. If I have 900 left over I will have eaten 1100 calories. I have no problem staying at 1100 a day for a few weeks at a time, but I wouldn't consider it healthy or a good idea at all.
  • Krisfit40
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    if you are truly not hungry then you dont need to force feed yourself.. your body and mind will let you know if you need to eat more...
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    Yes, you should eat appropriately. Your BMR/RMR matters. Eating less doesn't equate to eating healthier. Averagely, each person needs around 30-50 grams of protein just to sustain healthy bodily organs.
  • Kib13
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    I think it really depends on why you have 900 calories left over.

    If your calorie goal is 1400 and you're only eating 500 cals and you have 900 cals left over, then you should eat. A minimum of 1000-1200 cals depending on your height and weight. You need food to fuel your body. Now, if eating more is making you physically ill and you feel way too full, consider speaking with your doctor. Especially if this goes on for more that a couple of days.

    Also, make sure you're tracking everything you eat and drink. Supplements too! It could be possible that your calorie count is off.

    If you're eating at least 1200 calories and you have 900 surplus calories due to MFP's excercise estimates, then you're probably good to not eat all those calories. Just pay attention to your body and eat if you need to.
  • Colt1835
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    Krisfit40 wrote: »
    if you are truly not hungry then you dont need to force feed yourself.. your body and mind will let you know if you need to eat more...
    If we could trust or bodies and minds to let us know if we need to eat more, everyone on MFP would be the perfect weight. Clearly this is not something humans are good at.