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Looking For Friends who are trying to lose 100 + pounds



  • SarcasticBlondie
    SarcasticBlondie Posts: 836 Member
    Looking to lose 100-130. Sent request and to some of you all. Anyone can add me, we can all use the extra support.
  • hummingbird92548
    hummingbird92548 Posts: 19 Member
    It is amazing how many people are on here who have over 100 lbs to lose. I thought I was the only one. I have lost 50 and still have that terrible 100 to go before I am down to where I should be. The whole thing is a lot of work and MORE willpower than most of us have alone. A support group and understanding friends help us get through those super difficult days.
  • Shar_ncfl
    Shar_ncfl Posts: 9 Member
    Hi, I have 115 to lose and need could use support. This is my 2nd time using the program. First time was 2 years ago. I had lost 50 lbs but I have gained it back. :(
  • nikkinicole1984
    nikkinicole1984 Posts: 3 Member
    im new and looking for friends to keep me going i have over 100 pounds i need gone and having good friends to help me along the way will keep me going
  • mamaamidu
    mamaamidu Posts: 1 Member
    Hi I'm new, I've 140 pounds to lose and would love to make some friends along the way. Please add me and we can support each other. X
  • imdatchic01
    imdatchic01 Posts: 9 Member
    edited August 2016
    My ultimate goal is 120. Startng by way of preparing for a wedding. Didn't want my family to see me so heavy. The wedding is in Oct. So my immediate goal is to lose 40lbs before the wedding. Don't know how much of a difference it would make but it's better than being 305 I figure. So I'm in for the motivation and collective success.
  • MarineCanvas
    MarineCanvas Posts: 5 Member
    Hi :smile: I have used mfp before too, but I always lose motivation after one month. So maybe some support would help me stay motivated. :smile: My ultimate goal is to lose 64kg, I guess it's around 141lbs? But I'm more than happy if I even lose some of it :smile: If you like, add me :smile:
  • derbycitycat
    derbycitycat Posts: 175 Member
    There is a group called 100 + pounds with NO surgery on mfp. There are a lot of people in the group and all are very supportive and do not judge. I also have 100 + pounds to lose - have lost 20 since May 11- slow but sure! The members check in often and it is a very active group.
  • Arv7421
    Arv7421 Posts: 15 Member
    i am trying to lose about 100 lbs... long way to go... i am on full fledged diet plan with about 90 minutes weight training workout...
  • x_xKarina
    x_xKarina Posts: 219 Member
    Hi everyone. My name is Karina. I'm 24 years young. I'm a mom, wife, and adventurer.

    I'm looking to lose 112 pounds, go Vegan, and strength train all while going to school for Exercise Science.

    Please feel free to add me, just add a note of where you found me.
  • lisastwins2002
    lisastwins2002 Posts: 5 Member
    I'm not sure exactly what my goal weight is but I want to lose at least 100 pounds. I'm currently 283 and my first goal is to get to 200. Add me to your friends? :)
  • jenidallas
    jenidallas Posts: 8 Member
    101 pound goal here and I'm 20% of the way there. I need friends with similar goals... add me please!
  • CheleVon
    CheleVon Posts: 10 Member
    I'm trying to lose 100 pounds and I do need friends that have similar goals to achieve. This journey is not easy and it's so much better to have support from a circle of friends.
  • BiggDaddy58
    BiggDaddy58 Posts: 406 Member
    Anyone ..feel free to add me as well. I started on here at over 300 pounds..I've lost about 70 so far..I'll be happy to help motivate and encourage peeps!

  • LaceTulloh
    LaceTulloh Posts: 4 Member

    I have 150 lbs to lose, please feel free to add me too!!
  • Alaskasloss
    Alaskasloss Posts: 8 Member
    All together I have 170 pounds to lose, I sent some of y'all friend request, but if I missed you feel free to add me.