Protein powder for baking: Does brand matter?

I'm trying to incorporate more protein into my diet. Additionally, there are several recipes I want to try for homemade snack bars and low carb "cloud bread" that call for vanilla whey protein.
A quick Amazon search gives me a wide variety of choices and types of vanilla (French vanilla, vanilla cream, vanilla cake). I'm tempted to go with the cheapest, especially since I don't intend to drink it, but just put it in other recipes.

Recommendations as well as other recipe suggestions are appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


  • revolucia78
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    Not to me either but I think the type of protein could matter if you're not using a recipe or a recipe doesn't come out as good as you would have liked (like maybe the texture is off). In my experience and from what I've read casein protein is better for baking, so I use a protein powder that is a whey/casein blend. It comes out great for my protein pancakes.
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    Don't forget that stores like walmart, target, cvs, walgreens, etc sell powders.
    You could save some $$ on shipping
    And if you don't like it, easy returns with your receipt. No questions asked.
  • AlyssaPetsDogs
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    Thanks everyone! I'll check out target this week!