2nd and 3rd nsv in my first 2 weeks

Mom2ATM Posts: 147 Member
I still haven't binged in 2 weeks, haven't had the urge to. I cut out almost all junk, still allow it once or twice but no tim hortons everyday and ive changed things up from if for example I crave sweets I get 2 stalks of celery with pb and eat that, its very satisfying to me, might still be 200 calories but healthier than a 210 calorie candy bar! ive been trying to find alternatives to the junk that will be satisfying and a healthier version of what im craving, even if its high in calories at least the fiber and protein will be there as well as vitamins and minerals.
anyway for my NSV's, first the scale hasn't budged in a week but the tape measure has budged!! not a whole lot but some!! after stepping on the scale and seeing the same weight I got discouraged and cried and wanted to give up then I measured and realized my hard work IS paying off!
2nd NSV....well the reason the scale hasn't moved is because even though im not binge eating, im still going over my calories every day, and im doing it when I normally would've binged, im eating that healthier version like the celery and pb when I normally would've binged and so ive found a solution!!! go to bed earlier and if I have to have that full belly feeling..............watermelon, or cantaloupe, or grapes , something high water content and sweet so itll calm my sweet tooth at the same time as filling my belly with lower calories that way I eat in deficit


  • judykat7
    judykat7 Posts: 576 Member
    Those are the kind of things that make it work! I use English muffins for buns...All those little changes add up.
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