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Guess 3 things about the person above you from their profile pic



  • steph_is_back_again
    steph_is_back_again Posts: 393 Member
    Loves books
    Crushes on Johnny depp
    Likes Peter Andre music
  • gunabe1sexymuma
    gunabe1sexymuma Posts: 1,400 Member
    Up for a laugh
    Loves jt
    And like to party
  • Omar_Apocrypha
    Omar_Apocrypha Posts: 794 Member
    like shopping
    like traveling
    hate driving
  • IndianaGolfer
    IndianaGolfer Posts: 16,220 Member
    Sleeps naked on top of covers
    Can do a backflip
    Puts Frank's red hot sauce on everything
  • TypingToaster
    TypingToaster Posts: 4,110 Member
    Likes to do cartwheels
    Enjoys DIY projects
    Has seen a hummingbird up close
  • mleech77
    mleech77 Posts: 557 Member
    Has been to the hospital after saying "look, no hands"
    Loves the beach
    Will literally give you the hat and sunglasses off her head. . . . . if you're a donkey.
  • TypingToaster
    TypingToaster Posts: 4,110 Member
    Doesn't think Pinocchio makes sense
    Has always wanted to live in a converted apple barn
    Does not like wearing socks
  • Arizona_C
    Arizona_C Posts: 1,476 Member
    Wish people around him were funnier
    Looking forward to next holidays to go to the ocean
    read Agatha Cristie before falling aseep
  • lunidevojka
    lunidevojka Posts: 9,048 Member
    walks around with a bunny on one shoulder, black cat on the other. Names are Thelma and Louise.
    Wears the joker makeup when he goes to the bank.
    Swims like a tortoise.
  • TypingToaster
    TypingToaster Posts: 4,110 Member
    Names all the furniture they own
    Named the house
    Named all the hairs on their body
  • lunidevojka
    lunidevojka Posts: 9,048 Member
    Steals the bread from ducks when it's thrown.
    Has a wizard cape he wears around town calling himself Merlins apprentice.
    Admits to being mildly obsessed with Jennifer Aniston.
  • slinkybinkydog
    slinkybinkydog Posts: 38,959 Member