Been awhile

Mike_take2 Posts: 2,150 Member
I'm back! Needing to lose about 10-15 lbs. lost 183 lbs before but trying to get 10-15 off now seems nearly impossible!(though I know it's not) could be lifestyle, irresponsibility, umhum, "old age",etc...NO EXCUSES! LETS DO THIS!!!


  • mdw06077
    mdw06077 Posts: 3 Member
    You got this man. Keep at it.
  • Mike_take2
    Mike_take2 Posts: 2,150 Member
  • tboz08202016
    tboz08202016 Posts: 134 Member
    I wish I only had 10 pounds to lose. :)
  • Seven_K
    Seven_K Posts: 6 Member
    I hear ya man. Age kicks in and everything "seems" to slow down. Spin, class, power hiking etc just wasn't cutting it alone. I've found that eating clean (fresh foods, not processed), drinking tons of water has been key to added success. Fresh digests better and water flushes. If you need "old guy" support, add me. ✌️ n good luck