Stress n Fitness

Other than very obvious health reasons, can stress infleunce exercise performance e.g. when doing things like cardio?

I'm trying to reduce stress because it has affected me to the point where i lost the majority of my hair, period sometimes stops and in general other issues, but that's something i am dealing with. I'm just curious whether if i improve, will I see better results in terms of exercise?


  • kshama2001
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    Stress improves my cardio. I like to channel the fight-or-flight response into flighting.

    What you are describing - loss of hair and period - sounds like malnourishment from undereating.

    How tall are you, how much weight do you have to lose, what's your weekly weight loss goal, and how many calories per day are you eating?
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    I call the gym my therapy. :) I always leave feeling much less stressed than when I walked in.

  • crevtion
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    That's what i thought. I was convinced it was irom deficiency, but all my tests are fine and i was told its all down to my stress. But yeah when i do exercise, i feel better, but if i were to be less stressed, im wondering if my performance would improve. Like is the stress reducing certain results?
  • lemmie177
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    I dunno that chronic stress directly affects cardio performance, since exercise basically is a stress. If your fight or flight response is already maxed out, it won't go higher.

    I think it's more likely that resolving the effects of chronic stress (fatigue, insufficient recovery, sleep problems, general poor health) will into improve exercise performance.
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    I suffer from severe anxiety. We have currently been invaded by travellers that are causing some distruption. My house is right by their entrance so my anxiety/stress/adrenaline levels are so high at the moment. So I whacked an aerobics DVD on and used that fight/flight feeling to kick that bit harder, to jump that little higher and to use the chill out for a short breather. Much better now. Still not going out. But now I have a reason for a mad beating heart.
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    Stress affects people differently. Some can channel it into thier exercise routine and not be adversely affected. For others, it adds to the stress. You should adjust your exercise intensity so that it doesn't add to your stress levels. Exercise is great for helping reduce stress when applied appropriately.