SO proud of myself

Mom2ATM Posts: 147 Member
And why shouldn't I be? for starters I stayed within my cal goal yesterday, finally, and im down 2 lbs this week and have 1 lb to go to break under 300!!! Ive only weighed over 300 for a couple of months, since giving birth 9 weeks ago actually but its sucked horribly!!! I know my ticker says 6lbs but its really 7lbs lost but either way when I stepped on the scale this morning I about cried lol


  • Evilmuffin666
    Evilmuffin666 Posts: 132 Member
    CONGRATS!!!! Keep up the great work. I was down one Pd this morning and it was the greatest Feeling in the world!
  • GrouchySprout
    GrouchySprout Posts: 26 Member
    Well done, I think it's better to celebrate all achievements rather than bemoan the small ones. Keep up the good work.
  • JustPeachy044
    JustPeachy044 Posts: 770 Member
    roll with that feeling, mom! congrats on your new baby, and on your new commitment to becoming as healthy and fit as you can be.

    I will congratulate you on your loss, great start! just a caution about putting too much stock on that one measurement. Please use a tape measure and a camera too. Take pics/measurements every 10-12 weeks or so. Sometimes the scale will look like it's stuck, but you will still be making gains..if you have the tape measure and pics, it will help see you are still moving forward.

    Good luck on your journey! As someone now fine tuning and setting new goals, i can assure you the trip over the "mountain" is well worth it and once you are on this side, you will be determined to climb the next one, never looking back more than long enough to see how far you've come...
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