CICO WORKS! 180 days of consistently logging food and 29 lbs down! (Pictures Included)

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I have been a lurker for YEARS on this board. I love reading the success stories and seeing the transformations. It is SO motivating and I've met some of my best MFP friends on this board.

While I'm nowhere near done with my own transformation, I've consistently logged in here every day for 180 days and have seen a decent loss, so I figured why not finally make a "during" post.

My progress so far:

SW: 210 lbs (6 weeks postpartum - highest weight during pregnancy was 240+)
CW: 181 lbs (-29 lbs)
UGW: 135 or so... May change as I get closer to goal.

Arms/Biceps: 13.75”(- .75")
Forearms: 10.25" (-.75")
Bust: 41” (-2")
Chest (Under Bust): 35.25” (-2.25")
Waist (@ Navel): 40.5” (-2.5")
Hips: 43.5” (-3.5")
Thighs: 26.5” (-2.75")
Calves: 14.75" (-.5")
TOTAL INCHES LOST SINCE 12/23/15: -15"!!!

During the last 6 months, I've:
  • I've gone over more days than I can count - some by double or triple!
  • I've eaten ice cream, candy, cake, cookies, cupcakes, etc. etc. etc. Everything in MODERATION!
  • I haven't yet exercised on any regular basis!
  • I've logged ALL of my food every single day without fail since March 8th, 2016!
  • I've only missed logging my food 8 days since 12/28/15!!!

Yes, I feel like it's been SUPER slow. Yes, I get discouraged. Yes, I feel like giving up sometimes. BUT, I don't. I take it one day - sometimes one meal at a time. Do I slip up? Yep. Do I regret it? Sometimes. But I jump right back on the wagon and get it done in the next day or meal.

I'm very proud of myself for what I've achieved so far - imagine what's going to happen when I stick to my calorie goal and get regular with my exercise! I'm so ready to make my goals a reality this year!

Now for the pictures:

I don't have ANY good "before" pictures of me, as I was postpartum and was not a fan of having pictures taken when I was so big. Here's one from delivery day:

November 11, 2015


Here's my most recent progress shots - I took them just 6 days apart and didn't realize that I'd done it twice.

June 3rd, 2016


June 9th, 2016


Feel free to send me a friend request, BUT be forewarned - I do NOT add guys on my friends list (sorry - that's not what I'm here for), and I don't always accept requests if you don't send a message and have no picture or profile information.

OOPS! Edited to add my chart as a reminder that it's very much an up and down process. Don't let the UPS get you DOWN! :)



  • sadsongkrysy
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    Great job! :3
  • BlendaBrenda
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    Amazing!! So encouraging, great job!
  • tracydecicco
    tracydecicco Posts: 60 Member
    Very inspiring!!!
  • SassyRN_77
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  • RoseTheWarrior
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    Great job!
  • 2011rocket3touring
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  • Noelani1503
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  • Lucy1752
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    edited June 2016
    Good for you!
  • butterfli7o
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  • Erephyre
    Erephyre Posts: 45 Member
    Awesome, you look fantastic!
  • LilDsMom2
    LilDsMom2 Posts: 211 Member
    Gosh, your information is so detailed. Very informative, great job!!!!
  • smkondy
    smkondy Posts: 583 Member
    What fantastic progress!! You look great-you should be proud of yourself!!!
    Very inspiring-thank you for sharing!!! :)
  • TristaOnTrack
    TristaOnTrack Posts: 64 Member
    You're doing great!
  • NHDaisy2
    NHDaisy2 Posts: 151 Member
    It was nice to hear you say that yes you do go over your calorie goal and that you have bad days but, you just keep moving on. This time around w/my weight loss I am trying to realize that sometimes life just happens and that I might go over my calorie goal but, it is okay - the important piece is I have to keep moving on. So, thank you for your post - it just reaffirmed that it can be done and I will remember this post when I get discouraged.
  • AnneU93
    AnneU93 Posts: 114 Member
    What is CICO?
    looks good! :-)
  • tiffanylacourse
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    Thank you soooo much everyone! If I'd have waited just one more day, I could have said 30+ lbs down - as I weighed in at 179.4 on Saturday morning!!! :mrgreen:
    AnneU93 wrote: »
    What is CICO?
    looks good! :-)

    Thank you!!! :) CICO just means Calories In vs Calories Out - the basic gist of it is just that you have to eat less than you burn. Also that you don't necessarily have to go low carb, low fat, etc or cut out any particular food or food group to lose weight. (For me personally, when I used to try to go without all the foods I love, it was a recipe for failure every time.)
  • bebeisfit
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    Way to go!!! I love the weight chart. It just goes to show that one bad weigh in means's a long term process and it's the overall trend that really matters. I'm going to send you a friend request (with a note as well! lol).
  • tiffanylacourse
    tiffanylacourse Posts: 2,984 Member
    bebeisfit wrote: »
    Way to go!!! I love the weight chart. It just goes to show that one bad weigh in means's a long term process and it's the overall trend that really matters. I'm going to send you a friend request (with a note as well! lol).

    That's why I made sure to include the chart. My weight has literally been all over the place, but I've lost 30.6 lbs in about 6 months and couldn't be happier about it! :)
  • iandanamelia
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    Fantastic job! Was really encouraging to see your chart too.
  • rebeccaEsmith
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    Keep up the good work
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