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Ashamed to go back to the gym



  • disasterman
    disasterman Posts: 746 Member
    I would think the folks at the gym would be happy you're back.
  • jlemoore
    jlemoore Posts: 702 Member
    The first time is going to be hard. The second time will be a little easier. Third time.... etc. You've got to just seize the day and do it.
  • mysticwryter
    mysticwryter Posts: 111 Member
    Girl, I feel you and so does everyone else on this board. If you don't feel comfortable going to the gym, then don't. Start working out from home. There are TONS of workout videos via YouTube that you can do at home, you can also get some help with proper nutrition and diets if need be. You can also contact nutritionist via online as well. When you get your confidence back and head to the gym, you'll be far far ahead than Average Joe who went to the gym for the first time.

    Get started on your water.....I drink 90-126oz of water/day (I'm very active and sweat my butt off when I go to the gym). Look at your macros (carbs,fat,protein) percentages (if you are at that point). If not, try foods that are low carb, just to get you started.

    I wish I was with you so that you wouldn't feel like this, you want to get better the first step is doing something about it. Good luck to you.
  • VeryKatie
    VeryKatie Posts: 5,953 Member
    I never really thought of that to be honest. There's no way I'm doing couch to 5k on the streets though, that'd be worse than the treadmill ha. I guess I was hoping someone could give me some magical piece of advice that would make me confident again. But I know my confidence doesn't come back till I start shrinking. How shallow am I :s

    Then I suggest starting with a calorie deficit! You can lose plenty in 2-5 months, and head back to the gym then. If you want to fit in exercise, try some YouTube zumba, dance, yoga, Jillian Michaels, etc.
  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,330 Member
    Aw you guys are so kind! Thank you all so much! Really really means so much. I have been on such a downer about myself for such a long time now. With regards to c25k, I think I am doing it pretty slowly, it's in km's on the treadmill though, I was doing 5k an hour walking 7.5k jogging. I'm just weak. I had bad SPD in my third trimester, so my mobility was limited. I struggle getting up off the sofa whilst holding the baby. She does weigh 17lb though, her daddy is very tall.

    Well, when I first started it was 4k for the walking and 6k for the jogging. No shame in going slow. Actually even that was hard for me, so I started with this:

    Good thing you went. Getting over the first day is the hardest part. All you need to do is make the leap, and you did.
  • angelwowings23
    angelwowings23 Posts: 128 Member
    There are a million different at-home workout programs or general DVDs you can do at home that will get you the same, or even better, results than you'd get at the gym. If you really can't bring yourself to go in, then maybe that's the best route for you. However, what I will say is this...the only person in the world you have to impress is yourself! If anyone in that gym would judge you on your appearance when you're there to better yourself, they aren't worth being concerned about.