July (2016) Running Challenge



  • MNLittleFinn
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    Thanks @katharmonic

    I was pretty much ahead of the 2:20 pacer from the get go. I may have been with the 2:10 pacer for a while, but when I'm in the zone, I don't notice the other runners that much. I pushed really hard, especially for a first HM, but that's how I do things...I'm a stubborn Finn who keeps at things. I have 11 weeks until my next HM, and I plan on playing around with fueling and remembering meds so I can do better. Weather will be 10-15 degrees cooler at that one, so that will help too.
  • 9voice9
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    2:15:40 Garmin time. Chip time could be faster because I was so wasted I didn't stop the Garmin until after finish
    WTG, brother!
  • 9voice9
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    1TheQueenB wrote: »
    @9voice9 Good Luck, how was the cheese cake btw?
    Awesome - never had a bad one from Cheesecake Factory. There continue to be rumors about one coming to middle Georgia. That would scare me to death! They have a great (and HIGH-CALORIE!) menu - and it's hard to stay away....
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    7/3 - 4.12 miles
    7/4 - 6.6 miles

  • juliet3455
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    @MNLittleFinn first HM - Great result, like all people who step up to a HM distance it is a learning experience.
    Take the lessons and move on.

    @9voice9 Great results for a 10K with that many people, my biggest ever race had about 500 people in it and there was always someone in my sights so I can't imagine that many people on a course - I would expect lots of time lost due to dodging crowds and traffic.

    I always pretend that I am a car on a highway, keep to the right of centerline, move left to pass and then move back to the right. With that many people I can't picture moving around.
  • djspacecaptain
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    Day 4: 13 miles (8.5 hike, 4.5 highest incline treadmill)

    Monthly total: 30.25/100 miles (increased goal again)
  • sara_bear84
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    5th July: 4km and improved my average pace by 20 seconds per km


  • AdrianChr92
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    @9voice9 Damn that's a huge race. Biggest race we have around here doesn't even come close and it's a marathon. Congratulations

    @MNLittleFinn Those last miles seem though. Pretty good time considering you had to walk. Congratulations
  • mustb60
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    My target is 50 km in July. Last month I was able to run 31 km so I want to challenge myself more.
    Today work out:

    5/7/16 3 km/50km.
  • DayLi77
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    7/2....2.01 miles walk/run on treadmill
    7/4....2.7 miles walk/run in park dodging firecrackers :wink:

    Goal: 35 + 2 for Black Toe Month
    4.71 Done, 32.29 to go
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    @greenolivetree Sorry to hear about the asthma trouble :neutral: Asthma sucks kitten toes.

    @9voice9, @MNLittleFinn & @Elise4270's son Alex: congratulations on your races!! @Elise4270 hang in there you'll be back in action soon.

    @skippygirlsmom Great picture!

    @RespectTheKitty Yay for you & your 4 miles!