Looking for Open Food Diaries

kimby303 Posts: 36 Member
I'm trying to get back on the wagon, and I've been having a tough time. I'm looking to add friends who consistently log their food in their food diaries so that I can get some ideas on what to eat each day until I can get back on track. If that's you, please let me know so I can add you! Thanks.


  • fr33sia12
    fr33sia12 Posts: 1,258 Member
    I log every day, you don't need to add me though, my diary is open.
  • Wophie
    Wophie Posts: 126 Member
    I log daily with an open diary. Feel free to add me
  • Xo_healthylc
    Xo_healthylc Posts: 77 Member
    I log everyday as well and have an open diary. You can see the good the bad and the ugly!
  • rsleighty
    rsleighty Posts: 214 Member
    I log consistently, good or bad (or at least say upfront when/why on the rare occasion that I don't). My diary is open. Anyone can add me.
  • marm1962
    marm1962 Posts: 950 Member
    mine is open, boring to a lot of people, but I'm happy with it and that's all that counts
  • DresdenSinn
    DresdenSinn Posts: 665 Member
    I log daily and constantly update throughout the day and my diary is open but I may not be the best example given my recent foray into physiological nutrition in the name of bodybuilding science ; )
  • Spencerport
    Spencerport Posts: 270 Member
    My diary is open and I've lost 80+ lbs in 2 years. Feel free to take a look through it.
  • tryett
    tryett Posts: 530 Member
    Mine is open and I log daily.
  • Zewwy
    Zewwy Posts: 11 Member
    Mine is open and I log every day. Not sure how good an example I am haha but you are welcome to check for ideas!

    P.S. Still new to the forum - can you only add friends and view diaries on the computer? Not mobile?
  • cecsav1
    cecsav1 Posts: 714 Member
    fr33sia12 wrote: »
    I log every day, you don't need to add me though, my diary is open.

  • mpd1009
    mpd1009 Posts: 31 Member
    You can add me!! Mine is open. I'm looking for the same, need friends with open diaries for new ideas. So if anybody wants to add me please do.
  • NaturalNancy
    NaturalNancy Posts: 1,094 Member
    Mine is open
  • lilligraz22
    lilligraz22 Posts: 183 Member
    I log in everyday. Public diary so be my guest. Feel free to ad me as well
  • shinycrazy
    shinycrazy Posts: 1,081 Member
    I have a public diary! I've lost 110lbs so far!
  • Gallowmere1984
    Gallowmere1984 Posts: 6,626 Member
    Mine's open, though I run a keto diet, so it might not be to your tastes.
  • rainingribbons
    rainingribbons Posts: 1,051 Member
    edited July 2016
    I log every day and mine is open! I run a mostly vegetarian diet (once in a blue moon I incorporate seafood).
  • beliaamerica
    beliaamerica Posts: 40 Member
    You can look through mine =)
  • jordiblu
    jordiblu Posts: 145 Member
    'm a big believer in eating tons of leafy vegetables and healthy fats to fully satiate you
    I'm 80%plant based and eat eggs and fish but not as the majority of my plate
    I also eat an entire avocado each meal (in breakfast omelette in lunch salad and in dinner or just as dessert with stevia and cinnamon
    I don't eat any gluten dairy or sugar
    The only carbs I eat is quinoa and I have great cinnamon quinoa muffin recipe if you want
    I also have avocado cacoa pudding for dessert recipe
    I eat only whole foods nothing processed and no chemicals
    Drink a ton Of lemon water (2+liters a day) and medicinal herbal teas
  • robot_potato
    robot_potato Posts: 1,535 Member
    I log daily, 'good' and 'bad' foods, losing consistently. My diary is open, you can add me if you like. I only log cardio for exercise though, i rarely log my weight training sessions.
  • janetennet
    janetennet Posts: 143 Member
    I log everyday and have an open diary - feel free to add me :)