Is the pill stopping me from losing weight?

IV been on the pill about 3 years now and I've gained weight ever since but I did go to uni straight after going on it.shall I come off the pill to lose weight faster because I'm not finding it easy at all at the moment! And I don't know whether the pill is making it harder!


  • spzjlb
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    The pill does not change your weight per se. It may alter your appetite, temporarily. Frankly, when we go on the pill, it's because of lifestyle changes (as the OP aptly noted). Those changes have more to do with our weight than the pill itself.
  • rawhidenadz
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    I'm on the pill and I am losing weight. It could be other factors.
  • trigden1991
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  • zoeysasha37
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    Nope. It comes down to calories
  • Wolfena
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    It could be the pill... there's so many different ones and people all react differently. I suggest a chat with your doctor, maybe they can switch you to a different one.

    I have been on pills in the past that caused me to gain excessive weight within just a few weeks with no exercise or food eating changes.
  • dragon_girl26
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    No, as long as you continue to stay within your calorie goal and log your intake accurately, you shouldn't experience weight gain while on the pill.
    Good luck!
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    im on the pill for irregular menses and i still lose weight
  • blossomingbutterfly
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    I'm on the pill and I've lost almost 100 lbs. It's not the pill.
  • jo_nz
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    I'd say starting Uni around that time is more likely the cause of the changes than the pill itself.
  • Alluminati
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    The pill affects your hormones which may make you feel sluggish and/or affect your appetite. Once you realize this, you can counteract it. The pill itself does not make one big or small (i.e. Alice in Wonderland)