When did u realise you needed to lose weight?

I realised when I went clothes shopping. The sizes I use to wear wouldn't fit. I couldn't even get them over my legs and if I could my belly would hang like buduh.. I'm like omg I'm disgusting. Even in my sundress it didn't look good at all. I went on the scale and I'm weighing 200 lbs... before my son was 140.. I put on 70 pounds.. omg ...
I'm 193 currently
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  • Leighburns279
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    I realised I needed to do something about my weight when I could no longer keep up with my kids. I was 217 pounds and felt horrible. I have been watching what I eat and work out everyday. In finally down to 170lbs. Only 40 more pounds to go.
  • cwolfman13
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    when bad things started showing up in my blood work.
  • carrieg20
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    When I had to ask for a bigger size uniform at work; twice in a 6 month period.
  • Machka9
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    When I bought something in Size 18 Australian (that's size 14 USA).

    And when bad things started showing up in my blood work.

    The two things happened about the same time, and I figured, "Right ... it's time to lose weight already!"

    So I did.
  • RainaProske
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    When my 3X (22W - 24W) jeans became too small. I refused to go up another size. Now, my jeans are size 6, and I dare not go down less than that.
  • River314
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    When I had a hard time getting socks on was my wake up call. Plus I hate myself in pictures. Sideways me is gross!
  • mandalynn923
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    My wake-up call was when I was taking selfies with my little ladies and couldn't recognize the person in the picture. I lost about 30 lb. 4 years ago and was feeling great and then my world turned upside down (a couple times) and it all crept back on plus some. I'm a runner and love being active but I need to get a handle on my weight to help me accomplish some big goals ahead. I'm determined to make myself healthy for my kids and myself.
  • JDixon852019
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    My "shark week" pants didn't fit on regular days. I didn't want to buy a whole new wardrobe.
  • shanlucijames786
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    Looking at myself in the mirror.
  • Dove0804
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    kendahlj wrote: »
    People who are overweight know they need to lose weight. The real question should be "when did you finally decide to do something about the excess weight?"

    This. I have always known I was overweight and needed to lose. I didn't want to be heavy.

    I knew things were getting REALLY bad when it was affecting my work. Back when I was my highest weight I had a job that required standing on my feet with no break the whole day. I remember how absolutely physically painful each and every day was. I'd come home and literally was not able to do anything but lay on the floor. My feet would be swollen and throbbing and I'd pretty much crawl around so I could save my feet some work until the next day. I also would have very red, puffy, painful chafing in my thighs from them rubbing together all day. I still gave 100% at work every day, but I was in so much pain I didn't know how much longer I'd be able to keep it up.

    Also, I noticed my face was becoming very round. My face is one of the last places to gain weight. When it started to fill in with fat such that I couldn't get a good picture of my face at any angle, I realized that things were getting really bad.

    I was also having difficulty standing up after sitting on the floor. That was another loud alarm bell.

    I'm lucky enough that I didn't develop any obesity-related health problems, but I was well on my way.

    I'm still obese (196 lbs vs 260), but I can stand for hours on my feet with no problems, don't get the chafing anymore, my face has lost the fat (last place to gain, first to lose), and I get up and sit down without giving it a second thought.
  • st476
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    I went to NYC and my friend took pictures of me in the Empire State Building and I hated them all because I looked big. I knew I needed to lose weight for a while before that, like when I went shopping for clothes and hated everything and then got chick fil a to make myself feel better. And when summer came around and it hit me that once again I'm too self conscious to go to the beach with my friends or family. For the past couple summers whenever I go to the beach I always lay down and tell people that the "water is cold and I just want to tan" when really, I don't want to stand up and walk in front of a ton of people in a bikini. Another thing is that I was curious so I calculated my BMI and for the first time in my life I was in the overweight category. I knew that it would only get worse if I didn't change :smile:
  • robot_potato
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    Taking pictures with my husband was an eye opener for me. He's short and slim. I looked so huge next to him- I was amost twice his weight at my heaviest. He never said a word about it, but I sure noticed. Reality is that I will always weight more than him- i'm taller and i have hips and breasts and such- but I can treat my body better than what I was.
  • Wolfena
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    I went on my daughter's 4th grade end of the year school trip which was a 4-mile trail hike. It wasn't even a fast hi as we had hours to do it.... I realized that day that I was "the fat mom".

    From May through November of that year (2006) I lost 70 pounds by taking up exercise and educating myself about healthy eating habits.

    Never even thought about calories, fat, protein, carbs, fiber, Etc before that- I learned a lot! I used a website very similar to this one throughout the entire process..... I went from 208 to 138 pounds.

    Maintenance is hard! Especially when you work 12 hours a day and it's dark out when you get home. I am constantly on the yo-yo now, never back to 208.... but no longer at the low end either. I think I'd be happy if I could get to and stay approximately 160
  • CincyNeid
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    My wife and I went to Kings Island Amusement park here in Cincinnati, Ohio and I went to ride the Diamondback Roller Coaster and I was physically to big to ride the ride and had to make the walk of shame off the ride. At that point I knew something had to change.
  • LauraJo2778
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    st476 wrote: »
    I went shopping for clothes and hated everything and then got chick fil a to make myself feel better.

    Gahh I used to do this too!

  • markrgeary1
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    In the ER with tachycardia. Scared the fat away. It did scare the crap out of me
  • psychrat
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    Seeing a picture of myself and realizing how far I let myself go. There was a disconnect in my mind with how much weight I was gaining when I looked in the mirror everyday compared seeing myself through a camera lens. It was a real wake up call!
  • piperdown44
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    When it became difficult to breathe due to the size of my stomach (I have asthma, excess weight makes breathing difficult).