Has anyone tried stepbet?

chesves Posts: 224 Member
I'm thinking of joining a challenge, but would love any feedback you can provide first. Thanks so much!


  • kmcintosh12
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    I am doing one now. They are pretty moderate to hard goals. I am most concerned about missing one day and being eliminated. I am going to give it a shot and see how it motivates me!

    The first week is a preview/no elimination week and then after that, you have to meet the goals they set with one rest day a week. So in essence you get to miss one day but not another otherwise you are out.
  • chesves
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    Are your step goals the same for the entire cycle, or does it change from week to week?
  • shadow2soul
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    I don't do stepbet, but I do use Pact. With pact you choose how many days a week you want to commit to 30 mins at the gym, 30 mins workout (tracked by pact motion track), or 10k steps. If you miss a day then you agree to pay at least $5 per missed day (you can choose the amount, $5 is minimum). At the end of every week they credit your account for the pacts you made. It's not much and varies in amount (they take the money from everyone who missed their pact and divide it up to the people who made their pacts). The more pacts you have, the more you get a week and you can cash out every $10. I have 4 gym pacts (so 10k steps, 30 mins at gym or 30 min workout 4 days a week) and 7 food pacts (log at least 3 meals that total at least 1200 calories on MFP 7 days a week). I usually get around $1.50 per week.
  • hollyvalli
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    I am doing my first Step Bet now, need two stretch days this week. They average how much you need to move to push you. I like it so far. My job keeps me pretty sedentary so my normal average is about 5-6k steps. Stepbet has me at 9,300 for an active day and around 12,000 for my stretch days. I used my rest day already so I will be moving all week! :#