Stuck in the middle, what do you do?

jmac4263 Posts: 245 Member
I am in between work out routines and bored with what I've done these past couple times. I've done 5x5, ICF, beginners lifting program, ect ect... Do any of you have a good solid routine you would share?

I also have t25 and bikini body work out and one other DVDs. I have a hard time staying with T25 because I'm so sore after the first two days I can't keep going!!

Any suggestions appreciated would want to start ASAP! Accountability partners welcome as well


  • Chef_Barbell
    Chef_Barbell Posts: 6,646 Member has a bunch of lifting programs that might suit your interests.
  • meritage4
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    try T25 but just do 1/2 each workout for the first 7 workouts. (this will take you about 14 days). Then back to the beginning but do the full workout. This should help with muscle soreness.
  • McCloud33
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    20 rep squat program...great 6 week program. Best if done in a bulk, but at least need to me in maintenance.

    If you're looking for a longer term program, check out Wendler's 5/3/1.
  • jmac4263
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    I may try doing the t25 and easing in with intensity. I don't know why but it seems it always makes me sore and it's not like I don't work out its just different muscles.

    I'll look into the 5/3/1 my fav is lifting so worth a look
  • locolady
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    I recently signed up for a marathon and joined a running group. Downloaded a free marathon training plan (you can google for one, there are some good ones out there), and track my runs with my Fitbit and MapMyRun app. This definitely gave me a new goal to focus on, and the new friends I'm making in the running group help with fun and motivation. I've done resistance training in the past, also enjoy that, and will probably start that up again after the marathon. I enjoy mixing things up! :)
  • jmac4263
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    I think that's a lot of my problem I don't have a lot of friends or acquaintances in the area and I don't have a specific goal to hit! I need a challenge or goal!
  • lulukittie
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    If you enjoy lifting, have you tried any of the New Rules of Lifting programs? There are a bunch of them out there now. All the ones I have tried (NROL, NROL for Women, NROL for Abs) have been great.