Any Skinny fat people frustrated w/their progress?



  • mom23mangos
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    I followed Body for Life.
  • jmidd97
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    I'm a relative newbie, but to answer the question; yes I'm skinny fat, and yes I'm frustrated. I though doing 2 martial arts and swimming would prevent this problem, but apparently not. I look very similar to you OP, but I'm 5'3 at 113/114. From copious amounts of reading, I think the answer is strength training, HIIT and cutting fat. Wish I could attend a gym.
    Anyway, good luck!!! :)
  • ObsidianMist
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    I was skinny fat back in January and beyond. I lost 30 pounds and started lifting heavy. no longer skinny fat. (I currently weigh 110 at 5'3)