Is cauliflower the new chicken?

brower47 Posts: 16,356 Member
You know how you so often hear people describe a new food that they've never tasted before as tasting like chicken? Is that cauliflower but in the reverse? How are people taking one of the blandest vegetables and trying to make it taste like EVERYTHING! Pizza crust, rice, mashed potatoes, flour in pancakes, popcorn, cookies and wait for it... flipping cheesecake?

Eat the imitated food instead of creating Frankenstein cauliflower monstrosities!


  • CookNLift
    CookNLift Posts: 3,660 Member
    Cauliflower is a great substitute for those who want to be strictly paleo but still satiate their cravings. I haven't had any of it yet but the only time I've ever had cauliflower in my childhood was creamed or mashed.

    I personally cannot understand how to substitute cauliflower rice for sushi, I'll just stick with the regular sticky rice or brown rice. I can understand using cauliflower for dishes that you consume a large portion of rice for - like spanish dishes but even then I cannot take myself to substitute rice for anything because rice is just so good, and not worth replacing with cauliflower.