Looking for new MFP friends...,

suzy1976 Posts: 17 Member
Hey all :)

I have been on this app for nearly a year and so many have stopped using it or dropped off the planet!

I'm looking for new friends who actually log on and need motivation! I'm only 1kg away from my goal weight and that's nearly 5 years of busting my *kitten*


  • lisabennani
    lisabennani Posts: 22 Member
    Hi I sent you a request! I'm back and very focused and determined! Anyone else can add me too! We can do this and help one another
  • AMS58
    AMS58 Posts: 183 Member
    Hi, I sent an invite :smiley:
  • DM01234
    DM01234 Posts: 317 Member
    I also sent you an invite.

    I am approaching my 2nd year on MFP and have also found it a challenge to find friends who are committed to the process who also provide support and / or feedback.
  • x_xKarina
    x_xKarina Posts: 219 Member
    Please feel free to add me :)

    I'm here daily.
  • Wizeman22
    Wizeman22 Posts: 552 Member
    Add me! I know exactly what you mean. I have been using this app close to a year and I noticed people falling off left to right.