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Not new here but need long term motivation!

I've actually got 5 years of weight data on MFP, so I can see clearly how I've gained and lost over the years. Recently I've been logging straight for 115 days and just a pound shy of my maintenance weight. I've never gone into the community before but would like to meet others to keep me going..long term! I want to keep committed to this level of Heath that I've finally achieved, again, and not revert to my old bad habits :)


  • CandaceHolmes1
    CandaceHolmes1 Posts: 11 Member
    I feel you on that one!! Losing motivation is horrible because the weight just piles back on! Add me if you would like
  • zoeysasha37
    zoeysasha37 Posts: 7,088 Member
    You can do it! !
  • jbirdy76
    jbirdy76 Posts: 161 Member
    Good luck in your maintaining! You can do it. You can add me if you like I am a long way from maintaining however.