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What size glass = a glass of water?

excitementcityexcitementcity Member Posts: 20 Member Member Posts: 20 Member
Hi All

Just a quick question on the water topic. When the experts say 8 glasses of water a day. What size glasses do they mean?



  • areay22areay22 Member Posts: 150 Member Member Posts: 150 Member
    8 Oz of water per glass
  • heathersmilezheathersmilez Member Posts: 2,679 Member Member Posts: 2,679 Member
    I glass = 1 cup which is = 8oz of water so if you don’t want to pre-measure, its about ¾ full for a tall glass compared to the short chubby ones.

    It’s always better to overestimate than under. I drink 4-5 Sigg bottles of water daily, which is 0.6L each. That’s just over 2 glasses each so after 2 bottles I’ve had 5 glasses of water not 4 but for convenience I just count the water bottle as 2 cups to ensure I’m drinking enough.
  • TheMaidOfAstolatTheMaidOfAstolat Member Posts: 3,222 Member Member Posts: 3,222 Member
    8 fluid ounces = 1 glass/cup/mug...just so long as it's 8 ounces. The easiest way to get in enough water is to use a larger container. The 'glass' that I keep at my desk can hold 32 ounces, so by drinking two of those at work and another at home I have easily consumed my daily goal.
  • GarfyGarfy Member Posts: 41 Member Posts: 41
    For anyone that uses plastic bottles like me and ml's, 8oz = approx 225ml.

    I have a 330ml bottle, so with only a bit extra, 2 bottle for me = 3 glasses.

    I find I drink more, easier, out of a bottle - don't really why !
  • aippolito1aippolito1 Member Posts: 4,894 Member Member Posts: 4,894 Member
    8 ounces, or 240 ml. Measure it in a measuring cup if you have to. You can easily find a bottle at the store that's at least 24 oz. and just figure out how many of those you need to drink per day and get to refillin'! :) I have a 24 and usually end up drinking about 5 per day which puts me way over my minimum goal but I like to be an overachiever with my health.
  • husker_galhusker_gal Member Posts: 466 Member Posts: 466
    It's 8oz...I try to drink two 32oz Camelback water bottles:)
  • excitementcityexcitementcity Member Posts: 20 Member Member Posts: 20 Member
    thanks a mil everyone. I think I was measuring it wrong before that's why I never seemed to meet my water intake goal!!!

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