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Hi there!
I have been using MFP to get healthy for 110 days. I have lost 30 pounds and 22" overall (more to go but pleased so far) but I have a question about scales. I weigh myself weekly, on Mondays. I weigh at work because I don't have a scale at home. The scale at work is a large one, for people to just roll up on it in their wheelchairs. It varies by 0.5 pounds every time I weigh. So I weigh myself 3 times than log the average. Not very accurate but it's what I had to work with.
Please note I also am weighing my self 2 hours after I get up and after breakfast but after I use the restroom. I have an hour commute to work, so I get there at 5:15, use the restroom, weigh myself, then begin work. Like clockwork every week. So I'm not varying my style or time of day in weighing.
I bought a scale today for use at home. OF COURSE I weighed myself (who wouldn't) but it's the middle of the day AND a different scale. It weighed me 2.5 pounds less than what I weighed last week on the work scale-yay or....don't trust this scale?

ANYWAY if you've read this far-which scale should I use? The work one that might be wrong but I've been using faithfully from the start or the one at home which is reading differently? Also, I would now weigh myself first thing in the morning, instead of 2 hours into the morning.
Note: I weighed a 4 pound dumbbell on new home scale, weighed accurately.
Old scale, new scale, both, it doesn't matter?
Thank you!


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    Go with your at home scale.
  • joans1976
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    Yes, all good points. I am concerned with the trend. Also concerned with throwing a new measuring tool into the mix after using a certain one for almost 4 months.

    This is why I posted though, to see what others think! Thank you all!
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    Home scale, first thing in the morning, every day, after using the bathroom.
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    Home. If you have a tile floor or carpet, put an old large cutting board under the scale.
  • joans1976
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    Thanks! Good tip-I was going to use it on tile-I thought that was a "solid" enough surface.
    Such good advice on here!
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    Use the home scale.
    As well as having it on a solid surface, try to place it where you don't have to move it. Moving it means it has to recalibrate each time you put it on the floor to weigh yourself.
    Log daily or weekly, just keep the perameters constant.
    If you decide to daily you may like to use something like, happy scale, trend weight, or libre. For the daily and just enter the weekly number in MFP.

    Cheers, h.
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    joans1976 wrote: »
    Also concerned with throwing a new measuring tool into the mix after using a certain one for almost 4 months.

    First, I agree with everyone that the number does not matter, only the trend. My main comment is that 4 months is a very small unit of time, assuming you plan to manage your weight for the rest of your life. Think long term!
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    I would start using the home one and stick with only that one. This one would be better because you can weight yourself right after you wake up instead of any time later.
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    edited July 2016

    Oh I do plan for the long term, that's why I got a scale for home. Home will be home forever, my workplace will be changing soon! Thank you for the reminder though!
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    I don't trust any measurement apart from the tape, I weighed myself last week and according to my home scale I'd put 5lbs on; all this despite sticking to my calorie goal. This week I've lost the 5lb that the scales said I'd put on with very little difference in my food intake or exercise regimen. The tape measure is a visual measure, not electronic or mechanical tool, although I do still weigh myself just as a guide.
  • joans1976
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    Yes, I am friends with my tape measure as well.