Diabetes and MFP

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As a diabetic going to see the specialist for my 4 month checkup. She is going to ask for several pieces of information which is hard for me to track. I believe that there are many diabetics and pre-diabetics that use MFP to track carbs and other information. What I would like to see is 2 boxes next to the meal heading. 1 box for a blood sugar reading and a box for the units injected. I would also like to have the ability to create a report that shows sugar, shot and carbs by day and meal. This would allow my provider the best and easiest snapshot of what is going on. Does anyone have other ideas or think this is something that would be useful?


  • jimd1125
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    I think this would be very useful. Hope MFP adds this!
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    I use an app that does that. It is called Blood Glucose Tracker. I print my reports and fax to my doctor or you could email. I also save them to my google drive. Here is the link for the app. Take a look at what it does. I especially like the graph it does of blood sugars. Unfortunately, they don't have an Apple version, yet. I use it for blood sugars and weight but it does the medication, blood pressure, and A1C plus has a notepad to use. Really simple and to the point.

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    There is a food notes box that can be used to add that information.
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    There is a food notes box that can be used to add that information.

    True however since I cannot create a report I am not able to help my Doctor.

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    You can print your diary out - including notes. There's a link for "printable report" at the bottom of the page.
    Hope this helps, good luck! :)
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    I'm a type 2 diabetic and I test my fasting sugar every morning. I would love a feature like this so I can track my morning sugar levels and make sure I stay on top of my diabetes. Great idea!
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    I like mysugr app. Can use on android, apple, and online. From the web you can print you data for free for your doctor.

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    I think this is a brilliant idea! Anyone dealing with diabetes knows that keeping track of these things is a major component in staying healthy and fit. My mother had diabetes and I know she struggled a lot while trying to lose weight and balance the right dosage of medications at the same time. It's all woven together and would be a wonderful feature on the site.
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    This is a great idea and a wonderful feature to add for so many users! I think this would take MFP to the next level and more importantly, be incredibly beneficial to users - maybe even a draw-in for some. While I'm sure there are many other apps that are good for maintaining this information, I doubt very much they have the same level of support/community and focus on overall health and well being. Love it. Hope to see it happen!
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    What a good idea for diabetics. It would be great to have this feature added in for those who want it. Everything in one place on MFP is the way forward in my opinion. Good luck with this. Hope the techies are listening!
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    this sounds like an absolutely brilliant addition to the site.
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    Sounds like a great idea - I am sure it would be a great help for diabetics so have this feature added.
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    I think that a feature for diabetes would be so great. There are so many people struggling with carbs and sugar. What a great idea for MFP!!!!!
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    What a great idea, this IS a fitness and health site. I know my doctor endorses this site think how many more people would endorse if the knew features like this would be added. Good idea MFP lets see how you can make it work.
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    This is a fabulous idea!!
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    I think this is an excellent idea and besides helping people would probably draw even more traffic to the app and help a lot more people! It can't be too hard to add this in.
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    I would LOVE to see MFP include this idea! What an ingenious thought, and would be a brilliant tool to track everything. I have Type 1.
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    I think it is a great idea too. Yes there are other tools that will track that information, but what a great idea and concurrence you have it all in one place! I imagine the doctor appreciate an all in one as well.