Would I lose muscle if I ate my maintenance calories, but didn't eat enough protein?



  • AnthonyX150X
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    you would lose muscle, but you wouldn't lose weight. (as muscle breaks down, energy is released, creating a surplus since your question assumes you're consuming maintenance calories. Surplus is stored as fat.)

    This makes a lot of sense. I would basically be doing a body recomposition.
    have you spoken to a doctor yet about getting some support for your eating disorder?

    I haven't officially been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but I will talk to my doctor soon about getting support.
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    Kdp2015 wrote: »
    Are you planning to? If so...why?

    I'm not planning to, but my protein intake has been low lately and I was just curious if I would lose muscle even though I am in maintenance. I thought the only way to lose any kind of weight whether it be fat or muscle, was to be in a calorie deficit, but I have been wondering for a long time if muscle loss would still occur with an insufficient amount of protein in my diet.

    @ninerbuff care to weigh in? Also, won't people who do no strength training also lose muscle over time?