The struggle is REAL.

There's plenty reasons why I've always put off losing weight. Whether it be because I was convinced that I was stuck in this body that I was destructing every single day with the garbage I put into it or it I could blame it on my thyroid disease (hypothyroidism.) I could easily just sit around my apartment and binge watch my 600lb life while shoving my face full of garbage, with the mindset of "Oh, at least I'm not that heavy." But I was slowly on my way there. At 23 years old and 5'10 I am weighing in at 276 and enough is enough. I should start by letting you in on a few things. I binge eat, I can remember only last month I drove through two different fast food restaurants just to get what I wanted for breakfast that was filled with enough calories for the entire day. I would shortly come home after and eat chips or candy bars in front of TV. It's depressing to even picture that I know, but last month that was actually me. I was in self destruct mode and I was only going further down. I decided that my journry starts here and this time it is a lifestyle change. I hate the body that I am in, the one I put myself into, but day by day even with the weight I'm learning to love my body, not just the insides but the outsides too. So this is me, my name is Katie and I am here for someone to take me and this change seriously for the first time in my life. I need a support system to talk to, to share struggles and victories with. We're all amazing even this long stretch to a healthy lifestyle. (:


  • Karen_can_do_this
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    Hi Katie!!! My sister has that name to, so you are already awesome in my eyes :)
    I too used to sit and binge eat, binge watch etc.
    I'm now tracking foods and getting off my ar$e moving around. I'm even lifting weights!!! Something I never thought I'd accomplish. Trust me hunni, if I can get out of my funk, you can do it too.
    Karen :)
  • jencook1969
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    Looks like a post I could have written myself! Same issues here! I've been at this since May 25, 2016 sw 265, cw 231 gw 165 you can do this! Sending you a friend request!