Looking for some Fitbit friends

jennacole12 Posts: 1,167 Member
Hello all I just recently purchased the Fitbit Alta and am looking for some friends to add so I can participate in some challenges. Anyone interested???


  • xDramaQueen995x
    xDramaQueen995x Posts: 48 Member
    I have a Fitbit! I'll add you as a friend on it! :)
  • jennacole12
    jennacole12 Posts: 1,167 Member
  • kwph
    kwph Posts: 7,375 Member
    Love my Fitbit ...But just got off the phone with them cuz my Fitbit battery would die after about 8hrs ...Only had it 8 months ...They were great ...They actually are sending me a new one!!! ..... (Hmmm ...Who else can I call 2day & get something new?)
  • lions32
    lions32 Posts: 165 Member
    I have a fitbit and I'm interested in doing some challenges add me [email protected]
  • AliRhapsody
    AliRhapsody Posts: 17 Member
    Hello, i would love to join if i may !
  • Larrwein
    Larrwein Posts: 24 Member
    I love the challenges! Feel free to add me!