Anyone have a birthday in November and would like to see how far we get?



  • olymp1a
    olymp1a Posts: 1,766 Member
    Yep, my birthday is on the 30th of November and I really hope i will be close to 145 lbs by that time.

    Maybe we should start a group to keep track of our progress and motivate each other along the way. :smile:
  • annobrien700mfp
    annobrien700mfp Posts: 11 Member
    November 8
  • DoughyJoey1008
    DoughyJoey1008 Posts: 7 Member
    November 14th. I think it would be amazing if I could get down to 185. That would be 14 pounds. I don't know if that's possible, but.... I shall try!
  • Daniv84
    Daniv84 Posts: 12 Member
    Just checking in- I am down about 17 so far.
  • BabiiSam
    BabiiSam Posts: 39 Member
    My B'day is Nov 17th. I am totally down for this...
  • mollylautz
    mollylautz Posts: 25 Member
    Mine is November 20th. Any of you November babies can feel free to add me and we can do this together!!!
    My birthday present to myself is seeing how much I can come along between me a few weeks back til my birthday on November 18. I'm eating whole foods mostly a paleo based diet with a cheat meal once a week to keep me sane ;) and working out a few days a week. I would love to have someone else in the same boat as me and where we can see how we progress together!

  • ilovefastcarstoo
    ilovefastcarstoo Posts: 115 Member
    How did everyone do on their November challenge?

    I hit my first goal on my birthday I was so happy!! I'm at 150. Would like to get to 130 and see how I like that weight and size. Hope everyone is smashing their goals! I haven't been logging my food but I'm still watching what I'm eating and the calories.