Carbs in fruit and weightloss... advice needed



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    Instead of cutting fruit, try replacing one carb at your meals with a protein. Try eggs or sardines at breakfast with your oatmeal.
  • cerise_noir
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    It probably won't really matter for weight loss, but can matter for other health factors.

    The World Health Organisation Expert Report on diet and chronic disease recommends that around 10-15% of calories come from protein, 15-30% of calories come from fat and 55-75% of calories come from carbohydrates.

    There's nothing wrong with eating a lot of carbs if it's what makes you feel satiated and gives you energy. You may want to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, particular the green and leafy varieties, as well as some legumes and pulses to give your diet more nutritional variety.

    :'( The World Health Organization has no idea what it is talking about. You can eat all the fat you want within your caloric boundaries. Fat does not make you fat. Repeat - fat does not make you fat. And lots of people like fat for weight loss because it provides more satiety than pasta and bread.

    But but but they're the world HEALTH organization. The recommendations they set come from leading experts in the field. I'd trust their recommendations over the USDA. Specifically UNsaturated fats help.

    The 10-15% protien that health organisation is far too low, especially for someone in a calorie deficit.
    And there is nothing wrong with fats, carbs or protien.