Walking to lose weight

Hey there, has anyone out there been using walking as their main exercise to lose weight? More specifically Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the pounds routine I need some help in understanding the walking to lose weight idea.


  • rosey35
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    Jessica smith is the next step up from Leslie on YouTube and yes walking can help with weight loss
  • smiles4jo
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    I started this diet in January, so was using Walk Away the Pounds in my living room. When the weather got nicer, I started walking outside.

    I've now lost 50 lbs with walking being my only form of exercise. I've also been carefully calorie counting.
  • rosebarnalice
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    I usually swim, but have not been able to access the pool for several months, so walking is it! ~ 60 minutes at about 3.5 miles per hour burns about 300 calories!
  • ninerbuff
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    Just a note: Exercise is for fitness and health. A calorie deficit is for weight loss. And while walking can help to create a calorie deficit, unless you're consuming less than you burn, you can do ANY EXERCISE and not lose weight.

    That said, the great thing about walking is that there is no training needed and you don't need much instruction. You just have to walk. It's the first exercise I recommend to all my clients who can't do cardio long.

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  • Dedicated27
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    Thanks for the information......You guys are AWESOME!!....I have just started using the walk away the pounds because of a back injury, which has stopped me from doing my usual exercise routine. So from what you all have said, I will definitely continue with the walking..and I will try Jessica Smith as well. thanks again
  • ouryve
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    Yes. But mine is more of the get the boys off their backsides before they kill each other and get them moving around until they flag routine. It tends to involve 35kg of bounce attached to one arm or other.
  • spikeyhair
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    I'm 71 yo female been doing Leslie Sansone videos and counting calories lost 30 lbs nearly at goal weight Also started kettlebell workout to increase strenght
  • rankinsect
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    Weight loss tends to be 80% diet / 20% exercise, and in fact you can lose just fine with no exercise.

    Exercise does, however, seem to reduce the chance of gaining back weight after you're done losing. And it's super beneficial to your health and fitness, so exercise away :smiley:

    Whatever form of exercise you want to do, it ideally is something you enjoy. That could be walking, or running, or tennis, or whatever you like to do. Walking is definitely a favorite of mine, it's one of my go-to things to relieve stress.
  • reyesmorganm
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    I started doing Leslie Sansone walking workouts in my living room after having my son about a year ago, and I thought they were great to get me back into what I used to do for exercise. My husband said they were pretty good for him as well!
  • arditarose
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    I don't use it to lose weight but I use it so I'm not sitting around all the time, which could potentially make it easier to lose weight. It hasn't really made it any easier though. It has helped with maintaining.
  • kxbrown27
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    I'm always afraid Jessica Smith is going to step on her cute little puppy.
  • hmltwin
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    I don't follow a routine, but I started walking on my breaks at work (lunch and 2 fifteens) and lost 25 pounds. Then, I joined MFP and started keeping track of my calories as well. Since joining MFP, I've lost another 12 pounds. Walking is still my primary exercise, although I'm now getting into some running and yoga as well.