Workout music???

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Ok I've noticed that having the right music on can keep me super motivated and I workout 10x harder. With that being said I'm looking to update my playlist, any suggestions?? I tend to lean towards hip hop to work out to but love all music so feel free to suggest anything :)


  • cerise_noir
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    I like many types of music, but for workouts, I like the goth rock, metal or industrial. When I was jogging before my foot injury, I would listen to 'Santa Hates You'.

    I have been known to work out to Weird Al, too.
  • Gallowmere1984
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    The Glitch Mob is rapidly becoming a new favorite for me.
  • arditarose
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    Well, I don't like hip hop (besides some angry Eminem) for heavy lifting, but I do like some for hypertrophy type of work. I like playlists from like 1989-1994...Naughty by Nature and crap.
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    google play music is my favorite, they have a radio (like pandora) called pick up your feet that I use for running.
  • jennacole12
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    Thanks all!! I will look into all of these and def check out google play!
  • Coachjr29
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    On Pandora I like the Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard station. It's a good mix of techno, hip hop, dubstep, and rock. I ended up downloading some of the songs played on there I had never heard.

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    This is my Running Music

    This is my Lifting Music

    This is my Spinning Music