How has weightloss shaped you?

No pun intended haha. I mean how has your journey helped you develop as a person? Have you proven something to yourself, become more disciplined, determined or happier in certain situations?

Would be quite nice to know the reasons others are thankful for going on this journey other than the obvious weight loss benefits :) What does this journey mean to you on a deeper level if anything?


  • crevtion
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    Oh thats so lovely and positive to read! I've become more confident too and I believe in myself more. The fact I've stuck to this lifestyle has made me think I can take on lots of challenges and succeed!!
  • Machka9
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    I returned to the normal me from a few years ago.

    I spent most of my life as a slender very active person, then spent a few years just recently less active for various reasons and gained some weight. I kind of thought my days of doing long distance cycling might be over ... but it wasn't. I lost the weight last year, and have been training and participating in events again this year. :)
  • faelight
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    I gained confidence because I felt more like my natural self. I still had self love at my heavier weight (+25lb) but I didn't feel comfortable in my body. Now I feel healthier inside and out. And I learned a bit of discipline along the way with keeping up with workouts.
  • SueInAz
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    At 5'3.5" I hit 140 my senior year of high school. I had been a gymnast and had "retired" and didn't realize I'd need to eat less since my activity level was lower. I dropped down to about 120 my freshman year of high school due to more walking and less money for food and vowed to never get that heavy again. I remained very active doing karate up until my early 30s when I developed a form of arthritis that comes and goes (autoimmune). I got lazy and stayed sedentary until a few months before my 45th birthday. I saw a picture of myself and realized how soft and puffy I'd become. I stepped back on the scale and that 140 I swore I'd never see again was staring back at me. I started "watching what I was eating" but still didn't truly understand how weight loss works.

    I got a pedometer for a walking challenge at work in January 2011 and discovered that most days I wasn't walking even 2000 steps. So I started walking. In March/April I joined MFP and discovered people talking about C25K. I'd always hated running and being sweaty but thought I'd give it a go. I ran my first half marathon in January 2012. Now I run every other day and I've completed more races than I can remember. It's been amazing to do something I never thought I could do and to see my improvement year over year. I ran that first half marathon in just under 3 hours. I run that same race every year and this year I finished in 2:18. I'm hoping to beat 2:10 next January.

    In the meantime I've taken up strength training and it feels so good to be strong. I've come to understand that weight loss isn't the end all and be all. Instead of trying to stay at 120 pounds by starving myself I'm much happier at the same clothing size weighing in the 130s with more muscle mass and a higher metabolism. That's progress.
  • lldixon2015
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    I shared this on FB once awhile back and it really sums up how I feel.

    This is what has changed for me.

    (I have lost 61lbs since last mid-July.)

    Why I decided to no longer DIE(T), my on- going journey to a LIVE a healthy life........

    As a life long dieter for about 30 years, I was on a continual roller coaster of weight losses and gains, starving and eating in excess, over and over, beating myself. Trying each diet plan that I read and hoping that would be the magic answer. Finally, I said that was enough. NO MORE TALK ABOUT DIE(TS). I am changing my life to get healthy and hopefully weight loss will follow.

    Yes, weight loss came and is still coming off slowing, but I GAINED SO MUCH MORE.........

    CHOICES: I have the choice to get healthy. It's up to me. I needed to get off the DIE(T) roller coaster.

    STRENGTH: Physical and mental confidence to keep going and not give in to old bad habits and negative self-talk.

    CLARITY: To see that this is a journey to change my life, not only defined by the scale, an ideal weight, a mirror, or a size.

    SWEAT: Yeah, you have to get off your butt and move (if you are able to do so). Your body is meant to move. Believe me when I say, you WILL NOT DIE FROM SWEATING AND WORKING REALLY HARD. YOUR BODY IS MUCH STRONGER THAN YOU THINK. For me, I had to push myself harder.

    LOVE: A healthy love for food. Food is no longer the enemy, no longer the emotional anchor weighing me down. Generally, I love to cook and bake...and enjoy good food! Eat! But make it about healthy balance.

    SUPPORT: From family and friends....and my doctor. Thank you. Love you!!

    Hopefully, others will want to get off the DIE(T) roller coaster, too.....

  • crevtion
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    So nice to read from everyone! The mental gains outweigh anything physical in my opinion!!