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So, I met this girl at my gym and we've actually become very good friends. She's come to my house a couple times for dinner now, but the problem is she suffers from celiac disease and has to cut gluten from her diet.

Now I don't know much about this condition and have tried to do some research of my own but I'm struggling to grasp it. For example...I understand the restriction or removal of wheat, grains and pulses but sausages and fish fingers? I don't understand! Why would meat and fish have gluten in them?

I'm worried I'll run out of things to cook for her and I certainly don't want to poison her when she comes to dinner next. Does anyone else suffer from celiac disease and if so, are you able to give me some tips or advice, or even recipes to try. She's by no means a fussy eater, it's just the gluten aspect


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    I think wheat products and therefore gluten are added to loads of things. So for fish fingers they would be in the batter or breadcrumbs and breadcrumbs (or rusk) is mixed into sausage meat they should say on the packaging in the ingredients anything with wheat/gluten so you could tell.

    So meat and fish on their own are fine, but anything prepared could contain gluten - I think the pack will say.

    I'm not celiac but I did a fad diet a while ago that was totally wheat free and I was amazed what it was in! (For example loads of potato products like chips/crisps)
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    The fish are coated in a breading, likely made from wheat. Depending on the sausage manufacturer, wheat may have been added to the sausage. You must also be careful of soy sauce, salad dressing, barbecue sauce, and many other packaged foods.
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    Many foods get cross contaminated during the production process. Cross contamination in your kitchen can also severely make her ill. Anything you have previously cooked something in that may contain gluten can be an issue. My suggestion? Cook at her place or with her present. Don't add anything to food without checking with her.
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    Use more whole foods--fresh, unprocessed meats and veggies. Rice is good but sauces like teriyaki might have gluten in them. If you want to make something Chinese for instance, just ask her what she uses--I have a friend whose daughter has celiac. I try to make foods that she can eat at our house, it's not that hard, and sometimes if I'm not sure I just ask! They will be so pleased you are making an effort.
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    Look at the ingredients listing. If it contains wheat or gluten she cannot eat it. If she is sensitive she might not even be able to tolerate might contain.

    I am suspected CD myself (long story) so been living GF for several years now. I make my own fish fingers etc. The breadcrumb on the shop bought ones usually have gluten in them. Gluten is a protein in wheat (the simplest explanation I can think of) and it makes people like us really ill.

    Good for you to think about your friend though, but there are a lot of GF options out there now. Look for the "Free from" sections, and also look up gluten free recepies online. Most meals can be made totally GF.
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    just feed her macarons